Short Ride

Wow what a fantastic ride. I had one taker, Justine, who tried to be kind to me and go with another group, to Wetherby and then cycle home herself. I said ‘no, we’ll do the ride together’ and in the meantime Diane came across and said if I extended the ride a little, she would come too. We set off down to Low Bridge, along Abbey Road through Little Ribston. Steady ride – don’t think so! Justine leading out, Diane and then myself, at ‘Tour pace’! Got to Wetherby for coffee stop, a little damp, Shambles Cafe was full, Justine found cafe around the corner, Kofi & Co. Nice little coffee shop, we dried off a little, then back on bikes to Sicklinghall, Diane was leading out. Rain coming down like stair rods! Black skies, 3 rainbows visible. Photo-stop at Kearby. The rain stopped for this. Back on bikes 2 minutes, absolutely pouring again! Got to Kirkby Overblow, rain so heavy Justine rode straight into The Shoulder Of Mutton porchway to shelter and Diane ride into Bus shelter! Another photo session and then home asap! 2 excellent riders. Well done. Great company and laughs from start to finish in such horrible conditions. 25.5 miles. 560 metres climbing. Thanks for great effort. Mike W


Wednesday Ride

A ride that did not turn out at all as we expected.
We had a coffee stop in Wetherby.
We sat outside.
It rained.
We changed our route.
It rained some more.
We cycled faster.
We saw dramatic skies and hints of sun somewhere but not overhead.
We got soaked.
And Mark was having his vaccination today in case anyone hadn’t heard.
Good fun, nice group. Glad to be home and dry. Gia


Medium Plus Brisk

We had nine riders for Route 113 that takes us along to Ilkley & up the Cow & Calf. It started to rain as we headed along to Beckwithshaw. Cold rain at that. Two recovering riders split off at the bottom of Norwood Lane to leave seven in the rain. No cause for concern as the forecast was this to blow over. Or perhaps not. Heavy rain as we went past Timble & up to Askwith Moor Road where the first discussion on “route options” lead to Julie taking the (sensible) decision to cut for home. That left six. Onwards down to Askwith where any thoughts that this was a “shower” was dispelled by the volume of water in the road. Soaked through Tall Tim & Graham took the (level-headed) decision to turn back to Harrogate via Otley & Beckwithshaw. That left T1, Emma, Vince & Zoë to continue onwards into the dark skies. Reports of hailstones at some point but after that the four riders were never seen again …………