If you are looking to start cycling, or want to pick it up again after a long break, and would like a bit of help, the two coaches below specialise in helping adults who wants to start cycling but perhaps finds it a bit daunting. To help you decide which might be best for you, we asked both of them to tell us more.

I Want to Ride my Bike – Cycling Tuition in Harrogate

Dave Burns from ‘I Want to Ride my Bike’ says:
“It’s definitely never too late to learn to ride a bike and I would love to help. All my ‘learn to’ rides come under the umbrella of a Magic Hour and they are 1:1, no matter how young or old you are 🙂


A magic hour costs £35 and all my availability is here:



With you being a little older than my usual suspects and probably not at school anymore,  we could do a lesson on an evening ( if light permits), or during a midweek day, if that works for you, sooner rather than later probably; best to have a chat first though, to see what works with your/my work commitments/child care etc.

I have all the bikes you need to train on and helmets… just a case of you popping down and off we go.

All my training is done here on a weekend/schools off at Saltergate Junior School, HG3 2TT

Why not take a peek at the links and let me know your thoughts and we can maybe start planning some adventures or if you let me have your contact number I can give you a tinkle, when convenient and we can have “that” chat ;-)”

Any grandparents out there might also like to know that Dave also offers training for young children.

Dave Burns

Tel. 07930585022

Liferiders Community Cycling Project

Hi Everyone!

I’m Simon from Liferiders Community Cycling Project, and you’re probably wondering why a different cycling group has popped up on the Wheel Easy website!?

Well do not worry – your eyes don’t deceive you – and no malicious hacking of the Wheel Easy database has occurred…. 

It’s just that I’ve been invited to write a guest piece for the website as both Liferiders and Wheel Easy have much in common. 

I founded Liferiders back in 2015 as a community cycling project, to persuade the good folk of Harrogate & District to begin sociably riding bikes together, motivating them from couch to countryside. Since then, we have become a charity supported by donations, and we are focused on removing all the barriers to cycling to make it super easy for people to start. We have 10 loan bikes, and our rides are FREE to join. We know that traffic and busy roads are the main turn-off for beginners, so we mostly ride on the many bike paths and quieter roads in the area to nurture beginners’ confidence. Most of our rides are fairly short, at a slow pace, and range from 10 to 18 miles with lots of stops.

Our focus is very much on friendship & belonging, and we prefer laughter over lycra, cake more than carbon, and slo-mo more than aero!

In the Summer we ride on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings. In the Winter we have monthly Sunday rides and regular Wednesday evening rides (we post our ride calendar on www.letsride.co.uk )

If you have any friends or family who would like to begin cycling then please encourage them towards us, and we will help them to build up their confidence and fitness so that they can feel comfortable joining Wheel Easy when the time is right.

I’ll happily chat on a 121 basis with anyone wishing to join, and even pop round to check their bike is working and fits them well. E-bikes are welcome too!

Here’s to many enjoyable miles in the saddle in 2023.

Thanks & regards,

Simon Thomas

Founder – Liferiders Community Cycling Project


07947 479175