When it comes to buying new or upgrading bike-related ‘stuff’ it is often challenging to know where to start so we are curating a number of external reviews and buying guides to help you with your research. Although Wheel Easy does not recommend any items nor accept any responsibility for anything you may purchase as a result of following the links below, we do think you’ll find the information useful and interesting.

If you would like use to compile a list of resources or buying guides for any cycling kit/equipment please email using the link below and include at least one resource you have found useful so far.


Mudguards! Love them or loathe them they are a great way of protecting your bike, yourself and, maybe even more importantly, other people with whom you are riding when it’s wet or muddy. In the Wheel Easy Guide for All Cyclists (linked below) we are all asked to “Use mudguards and front & rear light, in winter months and bad weather” so if you are looking around for the best mudguards to suit your budget and your bike you might like to check out the links below.