There are many interesting videos and films about cycling and related issues we’ve decided to curate a list in which we think you’ll be interested. Please let us know if you have come across any others you think we should add.

Slow cycling with Jack Thurston

‘Lost Lanes’ author Jack Thurston

Simon Richardson (GCN Presenter) and Jack Thurston could not be more different when it comes to cycling. For Si nothing beats smashing it round his local “lung-buster” bike route and smashing KOMs and PBs. Jack, however, takes cycling in the slow lane to the next level, stopping at all the sights, even taking a thermos full of tea with him! But could Si learn a thing or two from the slow cyclist? Jack thinks he can, and takes him on his local route to show him why slow cycling is so great!

Meet Jenny Graham – cycling great

Meet Jenny Graham

Jenny Graham, is a rider best known for breaking the world record for cycling around the world unsupported – a feat that so mighty it’s almost impossible to imagine for most of us! This is by no means the only adventure Jenny has undertaken however – since turning her hand to cycling she’s taken her bike and her body to extremes on countless occasions, we join her in the highlands of Scotland to see what she’s all about!