Members may have seen signs that this road could be completely closed for twelve months. This would restrict access for cyclists and pedestrians. However as a result of excellent negotiations with the developer the local county councillor, Councillor Chris Aldred has succeeded in access being maintained:
“Redrow have agreed to maintain a safe route at the side of the works specifically for Pedestrians & Cyclists. Although the road continues to be closed to vehicles and will be over the duration of the works, possibly up to six months, if those who wish to Walk or Cycle across the Railway Bridge follow the existing footpath on the side of the Barrett Estate, they will find that Redrow have engineered a wide enough passageway away from the works, continuing at the end of the existing pavement.
They have also very kindly made this easier to use by filling in a small muddy section between the Pavement and Road Surface with gravel, to make it more user friendly – although Cyclists will probably need to slow down on this section.
The very amenable Redrow Contracts Manager has assured me they will try to preserve this walkway, whenever possible during the works. Obviously there will be certain days when they will need to dig across the entire road and this walkway will then not be available for the public to use, for safety reasons, but I have an assurance that Redrow will try to keep this to a minimum. In fact they have offered to notify me in advance when this will be happening and I will circulate this information to everyone in receipt of this Email, as & when I get it. There will obviously also be on-site signage at these times too.”