Away Day Routes

These are routes that have been used previously for away days, and as such a useful suggestion if you are planning to have an away day. Cyclists are welcome to use the routes at their own risk.
To help you decide if you want to do one of these routes, they have been categorised as follows:

Category Description
F Largely flat
F1 Flattish but with 1 challenging hill
F2 Flattish but with several long or challenging hills
U Longer and undulating
H1 Hilly/long with 1 or 2 challenging hills
H2 Hard/tough with challenging hills

Click on the route description below to see the route details and the map (if available).
There are links at the top of the map to allow you to look at further route information (including climb details) and also to be able to download GPX data. Not all routes contain these features yet.