Away Day Routes

Wheel Easy has always organised a wide range of different types of rides and the Awayday Rides came about as a response to various members wanting to try different areas to ride in that were too far to reach on the bike from home and required transport.

The ‘formal’ programme of rides began in May 2016, but had been run on an ad-hoc basis since the club was formed. This archive is an attempt to document all the rides that have been undertaken in the programme in order that Club members can perhaps tackle them on their own or in small groups. There have been 32 rides in a variety of locations across the North of England as part of the programme and all are suitable for club riders – you do not have to be an elite rider to tackle these rides! All are within an hour and half drive of Harrogate and all involve riding on quieter lanes/roads with some climbing with the normal coffee and lunch stop provided. All the routes included in the archive have been tried and tested and all are worth doing.

Lots of people have been involved in route planning and leading the rides and I want to say a big thank you to them for helping make the programme a success. Enjoy riding these Awaydays.

Kevin Douglas and Colin Thompson

October 2020

Awayday Ride Archive
Date Location Mileage Climb
May 2016 Route 1001 – Leyburn 40 miles 950m
Jun 2016 Route 1002 – Easingwold 40 miles 1100m
Jul 2016 Route 1003 – Reeth 44 miles 1100m
Aug 2016 Route 1004 – Ingleton 42 miles 920m
Sep 2016 Route 1005 – Kirkby Stephen 44 miles 1100m
Oct 2016 Route 1006 – Gisburn Forest 46 miles 1100m
Nov 2016 Route 1007 – Easingwold 32 miles 600m
Dec 2016 Route 1008 – Leyburn 34 miles 720m
Jan 2017 Route 1009 – Masham 31 miles 600m
Feb 2017 Route 1010 – Grassington 36 miles 800m
Mar 2017 Route 1011 – Osmotherley 33 miles 800m
Apr 2017 Route 1012 – Stamford Bridge 50 miles 900m
May 2017 Route 1013 – Settle / Trough of Bowland 40 miles 1000m
Jun 2017 Route 1014 – Appleby 43 miles 800m
July 2017 Route 1015 – Reeth / Tan Hill 44 miles 1100m
Aug 2017 Route 1016 – Pocklington 60 miles 650m
Sep 2017 Route 1017 – Helmsley 37 miles 950m
Apr 2018 Route 1018 – Easingwold 40 miles 820m
May 2018 Route 1019 – Buckden 45 miles 1100m
Jun 2018 Route 1020 – Grassington 42 miles 1000m
Jul 2018 Route 1021 – Reeth / Tan Hill 44 miles 1100m
Aug 2018 Route 1022 – Hebden Bridge 29 miles 1200m
Sep 2018 Route 1023 – Slaidburn / Trough of Bowland 42 miles 1300m
Oct 2018 Route 1024 – Fridaythorpe 34 miles 900m
Mar 2019 Route 1025 – Gargrave 39 miles 620m
Apr 2019 Route 1026 – Grimwith 41 miles 1150m
May 2019 Route 1027 – Kettlewell 41 miles 1100m
Jun 2019 Route 1014 – Appleby 43 miles 800m
July 2019 Route 1028 – Sandal 40 miles 1200m
Aug 2019 Route 1029 – Westerdale 37 miles 1000m
Sep 2019 Route 1030 – Stamford Bridge 52 miles 1000m
Oct 2019 Route 1031 – Downham 33 miles 400m
2020 All rides cancelled due to Covid-19
July 2021 Route 1032 – Gargrave 45 miles 850m
Key to Information in the Archive:

We have followed a standard summary format for each ride and to help anyone using the guide the following explanation is provided:-

DATE: This is the date the ride was undertaken on the AWAYDAY programme. Each ride has a link to the relevant entry in the Wheeleasy website- Ride Report Archive. This is an indication of who/what/where happened on the ride that day.

STARTING VENUE: This gives the starting location for the ride and indicates the area the ride is in.

ROUTE LENGTH/ CLIMBING/ROUTE DESCRIPTION: The basic information on the ride.

TRAVEL TIME: These times are calculated from Harrogate town centre driving at a steady speed. Adjustments need to be made when starting from other locations.

CAR PARKING: The Club accept no responsibility for the recommendation and would suggest all details are checked before embarking on the ride. Prices, where quoted, are correct as of May 2020

COFFEE/LUNCH STOPS: These are the facilities that the club ride used but they cannot be guaranteed and you are asked to look them up for embarking on the ride. Where possible website addresses have been shown and phone numbers have been included to enable you to check up on cafés etc.

ROUTE: The route has been set up on Ride with GPS ( well as the cycle travel website ( and each ride has a specific route number for easy reference

NOTE: Details are correct at the time of publishing but anyone thinking of undertaking a ride is urged to check the current position before embarking on the ride.

Other Awayday Routes

The routes below have been proposed by Wheel Easy members.

Medium Routes

Location Route Mileage Climb
Bishop Monkton Route 150 – Bishop Monkton to Sheriff Hutton loop 61 512m
Settle Route 191 – Settle and Bowland Knotts 31 772m
Tour of the Strines Route 222 – Lots of South Yorkshire hills 55 2068m
Stanhope Route 249 – Teesdale loop 43 1626m

Short Routes

Location Route Mileage Climb
Ripon Route 273 – Ripon Boroughbridge loop 19 183m
Tadcaster Route 274 – Tadcaster Askham Richard loop 21 169m
Easingwold Route 275 – Howardian Hills loop 21 350m
Boroughbridge Route 276 – Boroughbridge Aldwark loop 24 160m
Boroughbridge Route 277 – Boroughbridge Staveley loop 18 187m