Short Ride

On a misty, November morning there were still plenty of riders at the Showground. Seven opted for the Short ride-a meander around Knaresborough. On the edge of Knaresborough, Paul had a tyre problem. He had no option but to make his way to Halfords, despite David’s best efforts. The rest of us made our way along the quiet roads around Knaresborough. By this time, the mist had cleared and the sun was doing it’s best to come out. Back in Knaresborough, we stopped for coffee at ‘The Ugly Duckling’ where the service was friendly and efficient. From here we went our separate ways. It was good to have the three Pannal ladies, Rachel, Ann and Gill, with us. Hope to see you again soon. Thanks to all for a pleasant, chatty ride. 21 miles. Alison N


Medium Ride

9 of us for the medium ride at the Showground on this misty/foggy day, including Caroline, Jen and Monica S, ‘Poddlers’ whose company we haven’t had the pleasure of for some time. Rudding, Follifoot (where Paul B joined us and made it 10) and on to Spofforth. We all agreed that the Harland Way would be muddy and leafy, so we crossed the bridge and turned right to North Deighton on our way to Wetherby. Under the A1 through the tunnel which used to be infamous for dog faeces but was pretty clean today. Along the nicely-resurfaced cycle path towards Thorpe Arch, where we debated detouring for coffee, but the decision was to carry on. Through Walton and towards Tockwith, but then Jen had a puncture in the rear tyre. This was fixed without the need to remove the wheel by the use of a cunning Decathlon canister of ‘foam’ which Jen had which was ‘injected’ into the inner tube through the valve. Cue a debate on the use of slime and tubeless tyres. On to Cowthorpe, where David S also had a puncture, and Jen’s magic canister was again put to good use. We turned right on the Wetherby-Knaresborough road (B6164) towards Little Ribston, where David S and Paul B left us, and we carried on towards Knaresborough. It is a narrow, winding road, which can get quite busy, and today a driver rashly overtook our group, not being able to see round the corner, and not only passed far too close to us, but actually hit Monica – not seriously, but very frighteningly. We stopped and remonstrated with the driver, who was apparently apologetic, but his passenger was rude and unapologetic, blaming us for ‘riding 3 abreast’, which was completely untrue.

In Knaresborough we met Jill (David S’s better half) who had been trying to ring David, but we were able to reassure her that he was fine and able to ride the bike. Coffee at the Ugly Duckling (which I have never been to before) and then back up Knaresborough Hill. Most of us went back along Bogs Lane, and just for good measure, a motorist loudly abused Geraldine for no apparent reason when turning into Bogs Lane. (We later learnt that David S’s rear tyre had completely deflated by the time he got to Spofforth). An eventful ride. About 30 miles.

Medium Plus Steady

On a dank morning seven push and three electric bike riders departed from the Showground to tackle Route 201. Swift progress was made to Boroughbridge and through Ripon before Gia, Debbie and Paul headed for Fountains as Yvonne, Deborah, Alistair, Steve, Peter, Mike and Tim turned up Galphay Lane to do the extra hilly bit through to Grantley and on to G & T’s. After our well earned break we headed for Sawley and the 20% gradient which is Hebden Bank following which the ride to Ripley and the Greenway all seemed downhill! Average speed 12.2mph, 2116ft of climbing and 45 miles covered. Thanks to Yvonne for the landscape photography. Tim (T2).