injured cyclist

Would you know what to do in an accident? 

It’s every cyclist’s nightmare: someone in your group has crashed and it looks serious. How do you provide urgent, potentially life-saving assistance?

This is a great article from Cycling Weekly

Basic first aid tips for some of the most common cycling injuries 

A recent study conducted by St John Ambulance showed that cyclists are the first to assist other cyclists in the event of an accident. If you are out on your bike regularly, it really is a good idea to have basic first aid knowledge. Total Women’s Cycling asked St John Ambulance to offer some basic first aid for cyclists.

You can read the full article at Total Women’s Cycling

St. John Ambulance Apps 

St John Ambulance have two free apps available:
– general first aid advice
– first aid for cyclists ( only available for Android devices)

You can check them out and download them here