The club ride calendar lists official club rides. Rides are generally described by Distance, Pace and Group. For example, Medium Steady (Wanderers) is a medium distance ride at a steady pace largely made up of a group of riders who usually ride together known as the Wanderers. Not all rides have a regular group, and any member is welcome to ride with any group of appropriate pace.

Ride leaders: If a ride shows a named leader (or Volunteer required) then it should have a ride leader who will lead and knows the route. This should be the case for Short rides on Sundays and Wednesdays, Medium Steady and Medium Plus Steady on Sundays and Medium Steady (Wanderers) on Wednesdays. The remainder are self led and have no nominated leader, so for these you should familiarise yourself with the route and be prepared to find your own way if needed. Although there will usually be more than one person who knows or has the route downloaded, this should not be relied upon or expected.

Distances: Rides are categorised using the guidelines below:

  • Short – usually around 15 – 25 miles
  • Medium – about 25 to 40 miles
  • Medium Plus – about 40 to 60 miles
  • Long – generally over 60 miles

Pace: Various rides go at different paces to suit preferences and abilities. Whilst nobody should get left behind, please consider if you are likely to hold up a faster group and if so join a slower ride instead.

  • Gentle – as slow as needed to ensure a comfortable pace for every person on the ride
  • Steady – touring pace of around 12mph average speed for a flatter ride
  • Brisk – brisker pace of at least 15mph average for a flatter ride

Groups: There are a number of informal but established groups within the club, although many riders do not associate with any particular one and some with several. They have evolved over time and will probably continue to do so. The list below includes the more recognised ones that have official rides, although there are numerous, often smaller ad-hoc groups as well. Many use WhatsApp groups to organise themselves, so if you want to be included in one, join a ride and ask if there is a group.

  • Wanderers – this is probably the biggest group in the club. They ride on Wednesdays as a Medium Steady ride and have their own rota for ride leaders. The ride leader picks the route, which is uploaded to the ride calendar in advance.
  • Wednesday Ride – this is a smaller group who also ride on Wednesdays, usually as a Medium Steady ride. They do not have a nominated leader and agree amongst themselves on routes which are often more flexible and usually uploaded to the ride calendar in advance.
  • EGs – the EGs (short for Elderly Gentlemen, but you don’t need to be either to ride with them) ride Medium to Medium Plus distances on Wednesdays. They meet at Low Bridge in Knaresborough at 10am, mainly because it suits them, and decide the route(s) on the day. Groups often divide based on preference, but usually start together.
  • Brisk Group – this is a group that originally grew from the Wanderers and now usually ride Medium Plus routes on Sunday and Wednesday at a brisk pace. They also do separate routes for club awaydays.
  • Contrarians – this group originated from the “fast” group that used to ride Medium Plus on Sundays, but now prefer to ride on Saturdays, and also Tuesday evenings in the summer months, at a faster pace. They tend to ride in tighter groups with better ride discipline than many other rides.