There are so many videos out there about how to look after and repair your bike, and how to use electronic hardware and software (eg gps systems) we’ve decided to curate videos about some of the more common issues we know WheelEasy members have to deal with. Please let us know if you have come across any good videos you think we should add, or let us know of any issues you would like us to cover.

In addition to our curated videos below there are a couple of YouTube channels containing a whole host of helpful tech videos:

Global Cycling Network

Park Tools

You’ll notice that in the videos below some issues have more than one; this is deliberate because individuals might find that one explanation appeals more than the other.

How to fix a flat tyre
How to fix a puncture by the roadside
How to fix a punctured tubeless tyre
How to fix a broken chain
How to deal with some common roadside repairs
How to fix a dropped chain
How to remove and install a tyre and inner tube
How to replace a chain
How to remove and fit bike wheels
Thinking of going tubeless? Check this out first
How to plot routes using RWGPS Part One
How to plot routes using RWGPS Part Two