Over the past few years Wheel Easy has run a successful programme of Awayday rides. These are where we start away from Harrogate and do a ride in a different area (often the Dales or Wolds). The start of the ride is usually about 1-1.5 hours drive away and you need to transport your own bike, although we try to help those who do not have transport to get a lift. The rides are around 35/40 miles with about 800/1000m of climbing over the day. If you are not already involved and would be interested in joining in these rides then read on…..

The rides are limited to 24 riders, split into 2 groups. To get the information for the rides you have to be registered. Ride information will ONLY be sent to those who have registered interest in the rides and you will have to book a place on a ‘first come first served’ basis once each ride is announced. If you have not registered before and want to register, send your e-mail address to Kevin Douglas (e-mail: and you will be added to the mailing list. The list gets checked each year to see if those on it want to remain. Details of each ride are sent when they are ready, which is usually 2/3 weeks before a ride takes place.

Ride Planners: We have had many great rides planned by Club Members (see the Archive) and we are always looking for people to offer to plan and lead a ride. We are happy to help with planning etc and we will sort out the ride leaders for the other group. If your interested in having a go then contact Kevin with the date you would be able to lead a ride and he will send the basic format of the Awayday for you to look at and see if your ride works.

Group Leaders: If you don’t fancy planning a ride, but want to help then leading a group is the next best thing! You need to have a Garmin or similar, be able to download and follow the route and be happy to lead the group. As group leader you are guaranteed a place on the ride. Things generally work out well, but you need to be prepared to make decisions if not! Its not too difficult a task as everyone helps out.
If you are prepared to act as a group leader the let me know – this can be on a ride by ride basis.

Awaydays 2021

As was mentioned in the Newsletter, the intention is to restart the Awaydays again in July with the first one being kindly organised by Mike Clark starting from Gargrave. The details will be published the first week in July ( subject to no changes in the Covid Regulations).

The other dates for Awaydays are:-

  • Wed 18th August
  • Wed 15th September
  • Wed 20th October

All theses rides are dependent upon volunteers agreeing to organise a route and Ride Leaders to come forward to help out.


The format of the Awaydays remains the same, with numbers restricted to 24 and split into 2 groups of 12 riders with a staggered start to spread the groups out. Each group will have a Ride Leader to help marshal the group.

Ride Organisers

We are looking for 3 ride organisers to come up with routes for the 3 remaining Awaydays. The rides need to be between 35-50 miles with climbing between 700m to 1000m in various locations outside of Harrogate area. Have a look at the Awayday Archive to see the rides we have already done. If you fancy leading a repeat of one of those then that’s OK.

If anyone has an idea for a ride or wants to volunteer then get in touch. If we don’t have someone to organise a ride then they wont run!

Ride leaders

If you don’t fancy organising a ride but are happy to lead a group on an agreed route then contact me when the details of the rides are released. In the past people have been great in helping out and hopefully this will continue.

Awayday Information

The information for the rides will be sent to all those who have previously registered. If you don’t want to receive the information any longer then just e-mail me and I will delete your details. Anyone who wants to be added to the list then email me and I will add your details and will ensure you receive the information for each Awayday ride.


I hope the above information is clear but if you have any query or want to offer help then please contact me, Kevin Douglas, via e-mail: