Wednesday Ride

Welcome to August and to  summer riding in almost full winter gear! Two other slightly crazy members, Yvonne and Chris, rolled up to the Showground to join me and having agreed announcements could be dispensed with, but that some exercises was needed, we headed for Wetherby via Kirby Overblow and Sicklinghall. Yvonne managed a shot of the Wharfe valley and even a threesome selfie (see below) without causing too much damage to her phone and we were made very welcome in Pomfrets despite dripping all over their floor. Coffee and a variety of scones (apple & blackberry and apricot) went down well and it had almost dried up by the time we set off again but it wasn’t long before another wave, sometime quite literally from passing cars, hit us. Returning through Knaresborough where at least the ducks were enjoying the weather we rounded the distance up to about 25 soggy miles with a little bit of climbing at 1234 feet. Thanks to Yvonne and Chris for their “sunny” company.   James G