Medium Steady Ride

A perfect nine opted for the medium steady ride this morning including the Two Tim Baggage Handling Combo who were practising for their imminent touring holiday – good luck boys!  Actually, one half of the duo seemed to be without baggage, but we’ll let that one go.  Our route went over a blissfully traffic free A61 from Kirkby Overblow to Weeton and then to the less blissful A658 Leeds/Bradford road where we stopped at Leathley Farm Shop cafe.  This coffee stop rates pretty highly in my list of cafes and ticks lots of boxes with bike parking, a large table to accommodate everyone in the group, super quick service and great food.  Admittedly, the short stretch on the main road with heavy traffic isn’t ideal but the reward is a lovely gentle climb to Almscliffe Cragg and back along the fabulously scenic Crag Lane ridge to North Rigton.  The weather, as often seems to be the case, was better than forecast and we had relatively few jacket on/off stops. Thanks everyone!  Helen B

Medium Plus Steady Ride

Five including me for the medium plus today, Yvonne, Debbie,Tim and Mike.The various forecasts promised everything from continuous rain,no rain and blustery winds!So really could be anything.When the showers came we donned jackets and then got too warm, so various stops were made for wardrobe adjustments.The wind was the major factor in our progress after Brimham rocks,a gusty cross wind pushing us all across the road at one point.Headwind all the way to Howstean gorge where we were all ready for calories, good service and good fare.Much easier riding back to Pately Bridge and then we decided to swerve Yorkes folly and returned via Summerbridge,Birstwith and Ripley.47 miles and 3400 feet.Thanks to all for your great company and thanks to Yvonne for being the official photographer (again). Steve B.