Short Ride

Four of us set off from Hornbeam on what turned out to be a glorious autumnal but windy day. Roads were wet from last night’s rain. On leaving the Showground Car Park, we cycled through Stonefall Park and onwards to Knaresborough. Trying to add an element of variety, we took a right turn after going beneath the railway on Chain Lane and went along very narrow, quiet but sometimes muddy country lanes (Breary Lane, Water Lane, Hazelheads Lane and Bar Lane) before emerging onto Boroughbridge Road. The route took us to Farnham and onwards to Arkendale. Gia, Malcolm and Kevin’s Group caught up with us and passed us on their way to Boroughbridge.
We headed south into strong winds and cycled through Coneythorpe before spending several minutes waiting to cross the busy A59. Goldsborough was the last village we went through before Denis peeled off leaving Brian, Gordon who was on his tadpole recumbent and I to have a lovely coffee sitting outside at the Old Watermill, Lido Caravan Park.
The route back to Harrogate was via Forest Moor. A very pleasant and flattish 20 mile ride with good company. Tim R

Medium Plus- Brisk (Ladies only)

The group split into two – male and female with five Ladies in the second group- Zoe, Julie, Michelle, Angela and myself. In view of the location of the preferred coffee stop we decided to reverse the published route so we set off for Hampsthwaite and up towards Brimham rocks. There we found Tall Tim who had lost his banana!! Banana found and eaten Tim went ‘off piste’ whilst we cycled down Fellbeck and negotiated the road works at the bottom. Dallowgill was feeling very Autumnal but the colours were gorgeous and the tailwind was magnificent. So pleased we decided to reverse the route- sort of. We turned right towards Grantley, down and up out of Sawmills towards Risplith. Oldfield next and through the Deer park to Tate’s where scones and coffee greeted us. Usual route back via Bishop Monkton and Knaresborough Hill. 42 miles with 3064 feet of climbing on a lovely Autumnal day. Janet G

Wednesday Wanderers’ Ride

Twenty one Wanderers set off down the Showground Hill on route to Spofforth and beyond. Making a tidy three groups of seven, we enjoyed the balmy but breezy autumn weather as we followed the gentle contours to Cattal and then Whixley for the refreshments at Tankard Farm.  We managed to squeeze nineteen into the cosy café area with John and Barbara preferring to stay outside watching the sheep.

The homeward route took us through Great Ouseburn (What will they call it when all the new houses have been finished?),then onto Marton and Arkendale before following the unfamiliar lane past the conspicuous recycling plant to Coneythorpe. Once we managed to cross the busy A59, it was onto the bridle path called Mill Road leading from Goldsborough down to the Nidd where the active Hydro generator generated our interest.

Once we arrived at the Knaresborough end of Abbey road this leader said farewell and waved the group off as they returned to Harrogate.

Thanks to all for the enjoyable company and particular appreciation to Tim and Mike for leading the mini-groups. Mike P.