Yesterday we heard the the sad news about the passing of Brian Robinson.

Brian was not only a great cyclist, he inspired many to take up and grow in the sport he loved. He was an Olympian, a Tour de France stage winner and a great supporter of cycling in Yorkshire who will be sadly missed.

Wheel Easy member, Dave Siswick, remembers :
‘He was in the Huddersfield road club, as was I. He was a great inspiration to us young riders and whenever he was at home In Mirfield it was open house at Brian’s.
“Tell us again Brian how you won the stage.”
We never tired of hearing the tale.

He was hugely inspirational to me, and my mates, and for countless other aspiring racing cyclists. He spent huge amounts of his time on the Continent of course, but when the word went round that Brian would be out on Sunday, there was always a good turnout, and he would push wind all day while endlessly chatting to us lesser mortals.
We would call at his bungalow in Mirfield on the way home from a training ride to chat with him. These visits always included a sandwich and a cup of tea from his wife, followed by a trip into his garage where he would pass on to us used cycling gear, which had been raced on for perhaps a couple if stages, before his bikes had been regenerated by suppliers.
He was a gem and a gent and will not be forgotten.’

Chapeau, Brian

Two-time Tour de France stage winner, Brian Robinson
Brian was a great ambassador for cycling in Yorkshire