This is a really important and urgent request for you to respond to the following consultations both of which are taking place right now (24th October to 28th November, 2022):

  1. Beech Grove and Otley Road
  2. Oatlands Drive and the Saints area

As this is the next phase of consultations, it is really important that you respond even if you responded to the previous consultations.

You can get the full details and instructions on the excellent Harrogate and District Cycle Action (HDCA) website by following the links below. In both cases they have also prepared some extremely useful information to help with your response.

You respond to the Beech Grove and Otley Road consultation by email and, as one HDCA user has already commented: “The link and ‘suggested response’ made it very easy to respond.”

You respond online for the Oatlands areas using a site called ‘Commonplace’ which is excellent. It can be time consuming as you have to enter your email each time and then confirm, but responses are already pouring in (175 responses within 2 days) and even if you have nothing new to say it is important to have a look at what others have said by clicking on the red, amber and green dots. If you agree with their comments you can simply click on the ‘I agree’ button: simples!

So let’s make sure Wheel Easy voices are heard and, more importantly, listened to so we can make Harrogate a safer and more active town.