All rides/The Irrepressible Two

Mmm. Its raining and the forecast says it will get worse. Only Tim Rhodes and myself showed this morning. It was wet but not as bad as I thought the forecast predicted – yet. Tim suggested heading for Tim’s at Thorpe Arch which I readily agreed. We departed for Burn Bridge ,Kirby Overblow and the rain wasn’t too bad going over Sicklinghall and Linton. It even looked – briefly as it would ease as we climbed up Jewett Lane and across to Bramham. It didn’t. It got heavier. So to towards Tadcaster and Newton Kyme and into Thorp Arch.. We were dripping. Got the bikes under cover, shook off our waterproofs and into a very quiet Tims for drinks and breakfast sandwiches. We’d actually made pretty good time. The rain was relentless but we couldn’t sit there all day. Cycle path to Wetherby then up to Little Ribston and Knaresborough. Lots of surface water and water across the road in many places and it was coming down. Along Abbey Road, up Bland Hill and I dropped of at home up Forest Moor while Tim continued his ride up to Woodlands and home. We were wet. Very wet but glad we’d made the effort. Just short of 37 miles home to home for me. Thanks Tim for your company. Colin B