Medium Plus Brisk

What a scorcher of a day in the end – a stark contrast to the chilly morning as eight left the Showground. A puncture near to Fountains saw the three Medium Plus riders come past before we passed back again around Winksley. Andy, Rachel & Zoë stopped at Masham for a café stop; Janet & Helen pulled off to do their own thing; whilst T4, T3 & Julie went on – if this was Master Chef they would probably call it a deconstructed group ride. Hot sun on the pull up to the top of Trapping Hill and then down to How Stean – and on leaving here, the two groups magically reformed into one at Lofthouses – the sort of timing usual seen on Strictly Come Dancing. Home via Bewerley, the Toll Bridge, Hampsthwaite & Knox. 58 miles. Tall Tim

Medium Steady

Six of us set off from the Showground Car Park on route 120 in very chilly conditions. We didn’t warm up until our first real climb of the today which was near Tang and Kettlesing Bottom.
As the sun came out it turned into a glorious ride, superb scenery – down Yorkes Folly with refreshments in Wildings in Pateley Bridge. Baked potato with cheese, beans and salad was the most popular choice as advocated by Helen.
The journey back was via the 3 or 4 hills around Smelthouses and down Stripe Lane. As we turned left at Birstwith off the published route, we lost Chris. We only noticed his absence at the top of Clint Bank. Sally and I went back to Birstwith and scoured the countryside looking for him. Our journey took us to Hollins Lane in Hampsthwaite, as there was no sign of him we returned to the rest of the group – Helen, Nick and Peter, who were waiting for us at the entrance to Hollybank Lane.
More drama to come – Helen fell off her bike as two fast and inconsiderate mountain bike cyclists forced her off the Greenway at the Ripley end and Peter was attacked by a Wasp. Fortunately no damage done on these two incidents. Nick seemed to really enjoy the ride on this his second Wheel Easy ride – I think he’s now hooked!
I ended up doing 40.6 miles although the published route was 36 miles. Great ride, just hoping Chris managed to find his way home from Birstwith! Tim R

Medium Plus

Just three for the medium plus steady ride today.  A cooler than promised start, with a pesky headwind up to Masham, where we had a modest early refuel.

Leaving Masham the sun broke through and we set off towards Lofthouse with a tailwind.  As Yvonne and Tim hadn’t ridden this road before, I suggested a visit to the Leeds Pals memorial.  Unfortunately, the scenic, hilly lane we turned onto proved to be the wrong one, which cost us an extra seven miles.  We then took the correct road and found the memorial, which is quite moving.

Back on route, we climbed to the top of Trapping Hill, where the views were outstanding, and down to Lofthouse, Ramsgill and Pateley Bridge.  We joined some Struggle the Dales riders in re-stocking water at the supermarket and set off again via Glasshouses, Summerbridge, Birstwith and Hampsthwaite, then went our separate ways at the top of Lund Lane.

Ultimately a beautiful day for c65 miles, with more climbing than there was supposed to be (sorry!).

Short Ride

Nine (+three) short and gentle riders set off in high spirits looking forward to a ride that didn’t disappoint. Plenty of hills for Sally, Paul, Paul, Barbara, Roger, Diane, David, Robin and me (John) (+three) to enjoy in glorious weather providing some fabulous views. Up and up we rode to the Washburn Heritage Centre for excellent and well earned drinks, cakes ‘n stuff – ok there were one or two downs too but who’s counting. Launching ourselves up the hill away from the café towards the Village Hall and onward to Brame Lane and Broad Dubb Road we were cooled by a very welcome long swoop to Beckwithshaw. On to Lady Lane then down past the Squinting Cat (other pubs are available) after which we gathered for thanks and goodbyes at the top of Whinney Lane.  ‘Oh but what about the +three?’ I hear you ask 🙂 I’ll let another Paul tell you about that. “As we wanted a few extra miles Gia, Kevin and myself left John’s group near Fewston. We continued past Fewston Farm Shop onto Meagill Lane, through the MOD site, down Moorcock Lane and onto the lanes around Kettlesing. We then headed to Sophies for coffee. The views on the ride were stunning as is the recent wood carving on Lund Lane. An excellent 30 plus miles on a lovely day.” Thanks to everyone for all your efforts, company and support. 25miles and 1890ft elevation for me. John C.