Short Ride

A delightful 37km mile tour through the temperate rain forest of lower Nidderdale. Welcome back to Mel and congratulations to Paul who conquered all the climbs. Coffee at the equally delightful Sophie’s. T4

Medium Plus Brisk

What were we thinking? The morning was brighter than forecast but as we gathered at The Showground I was beginning to regret my decision to ride today. T1, Tall Tim, Zoë, Helen and myself didn’t have the appetite for the full ride so we set off towards Great Ouseburn with the intention of going to Boroughbridge for coffee via the Dunsforths. Normally a delightful route it was full of puddles and mud. We had a lovely stop at The Hideaway but emerged to some cold, wet and miserable weather. We took the shortest route home and said our goodbyes at the top of Knaresborough Hill. I looked as though I had been rolling in mud. However, now I’m showered, clean and warm I can say I’m glad we made the effort. Just short of 30 miles. Janet G

Medium/Medium Plus Mélange

Not so many for today’s rides and, as leader of the Medium Plus ride, my opening gambit was, “I’m not doing 50 miles in this!”.  So, we all gravitated towards Alison who was tempting us out with talk of Dallowgill Moor and the promise that we could all turn back if it became too horrid.  She lied – we should have remembered, Alison never turns back!

I am off to the Outer Hebrides next week so this was a great opportunity to practice being cheerful in the rain.  Our fellow riders were Steve B (just back from Shetland), Sarah C (just back from Orkney), Colin B (no stranger to rain), young Andy and Peter B who we intercepted at Ripley.  

To be fair it didn’t rain absolutely continuously and it is always nice on Dallowgill Moor but by the time we started the descent via High Grantley to Risplith it was in fact at the sluicing stage.  We therefore had a longish loiter in G&T’s and Alison took some pictures for our entry into the Best Drowned Rat competiton.  Thereafter, the rain ceased, things brightened up and the sun came out for just long enough for us to dry out, warm up and become exponentially happier.

Everyone remained cheerful and we had all, in a strange sort of way, enjoyed it!  See you all in a few weeks’ time.  Helen T