Short Ride

No short ride on the website on this windy, chilly sunless day. Geraldine and I offered to lead a ride to Kettlesing, figuring that it is reasonably sheltered, and so seven of us set off for Knox through the Saints, led by Alison. Crossing the A61 was tricky because it was so busy. Down into Hampsthwaite, where we met Gia on her way back, and a sprightly 92-year-old lady coming out of Sophie’s shop. She told us she used to cycle till she was 90, so we introduced her to Dennis. On to Swincliffe and down towards Birstwith Hall, where the gusty wind really started to make itself felt. Postman Paul and Monica Webber were electrically unassisted, and had to work hard. On towards Swarcliffe and Clapham Green, when we had a following wind to help us downhill into Hampsthwaite and through Hollybank Woods to Ripley where four of us had coffee at Grindhus. Back along the Greenway. About 20 miles Joe Smith

Wednesday Ride

With the windy conditions it was no surprise that only 5 riders opted for the ride to Brimham and Fountains. We made our way to Ripley via the Greenway where Paul T joined us and we met Martin, Yvonne and John R who were aiming for Fountains Visitor Centre by the direct route.  We climbed up through Hollybank Wood where we became 5 again as Gia left us for a meeting in Knaresborough. Onwards to the Toll bridge and Stripe Lane and into the head winds and, as we got higher , some strong cross winds. We pressed on to Brimham and then decided to head directly to G and T’s for coffee.

The cross winds continued and we were glad to get some respite at the cafe. We had a longish coffee break as we decided to head back to Sawley and then turn down the lane to Fountains and then up past the Traveller camp and onto Watergate Lane. With the wind increasing this seemed the most sensible route back.  It started to feel like hard work as we met head winds and we were relieved as we made our way back to Ripley,via the Drovers and some shelter from the wind. Paul and Tim left us there to head home and the rest made there way back along the Greenway in comparative calm. James left us to head home at Bilton Lane and Charlie and I headed back across the Stray and into the wind again.

A tougher than usual ride and well done to Charlie and Tim who battled the winds unassisted. A good pre-Christmas workout of 35ish miles with some climbing thrown in! Kevin.

Pre-Festive Wander

Eight of us this morning for my last WE ride of 2023. I planned on route 145 but we deviated a fair bit as people had preferences for coffee. We met up with Paul B at Follifoot and made good progress to Spofforth and Little Ribston. Taking the Cowthorpe road we dropped onto the cycle path on the A168 into Wetherby. It was drizzling by this time but we had all come prepared. Wind was a bit gusty but we coped okay. Paul B left us for Thorp Arch and the rest headed for Boston Spa. The Wise Owl was our coffee stop. Busy but we all got in. Very friendly and efficient service. Drizzle had stopped by the time we came out but the wind had ‘got up’ . Into Clifford and Bramham we were hoping for a tail wind as we rode across to Jewett Lane and down in Collingham. My rain hood took of as I crossed into Linton. The car driver behind was very good and gave me a thumbs up whilst laughing as I endeavoured to catch it. Which I did. We were now really feeling the wind as we went through Sicklinghall and across to Kirby Overblow where David left us for Burn Bridge and the rest went up to the by-pass. Hooray. Tail wind down to Rudding and back to the showground. 36 miles for me home to home. 

I would like to thank WE for being there and enabling us to enjoy such wonderful rides. I’d like thank all the riders I’ve had the pleasure of riding with in 2023 making it even more enjoyable. Roll-on 2024. Have a great festive period. Colin B

Medium Plus Brisk

It wasn’t a bad day for a ride …….. except for the wind and that wasn’t really a problem until approaching the café stop at Tancred and then for the remainder of Route 107. The wind made the last 16 miles harder than the previous 32 had been – not that the red kites at the Showground were bothered as they wheeled & “played” above Vince, Young Tim & Helen as they toiled against the blustery weather. Prior to that we lost T4 & Zoë at Marton-cum-Grafton who had to get back & then Julie & Mark departed soon after Queen Ethelburga’s. 48 miles & quite a lot of effort. Young Tim