Short Ride

Ten riders set off on this short ride via Farnham, the garden centre in the A61 to Ripon and back home to Markington and the Greenway. We lost one person needed for van repair, found Jean waiting for us en route to Bishop Monkton.(back to 10). As we reached the cafe we were still 10, reaching the Drovers’ corner we 7, Jean was hiding round the corner, the brilliant back marker was back marking to perfection and kindly Brian waited for the lost two….oooops down to 7. As we swept into Ripley we were 5, 2 had escaped, 3 were lost. Ignoring the numbers we reached Bilton Lane without a problem and suddenly became 8 the trusty back marker told is Paul was resting the dog sitter had gone to sit with a dog. Well done and thank you Paul the perfect back marker, and to the support team and actually anyone who got without incident home. A good morning out. CG

Medium Steady Ride

Medium Brisk Ride

A good turn out this morning at the Showground with a decent day’s weather forecast. Eight riders Yvonne, Colette, Mark, Chris and Chris, Gordon, Navah and Tim2 opted for Route 13. Colette, a rare Sunday rider was taking it seriously and helped set a very brisk pace so we were soon at Wetherby through the underpass enjoying Yvonne’s rendition of “Jingle bells”. Sections of the cycle track were very muddy but all were negotiated safely while discussing the merits of wider tubeless tyres. Chris and Chris pealed off at this point for early refreshments at Thorpe Arch with the remaining six ploughing on through Boston Spa, Clifford and up the A1(M) cycle path to Wetherby for the second time but now in search of lunch! Kofi & Co was rammed so off we went on an impromptu walking tour of the town centre before word came that a table was free. Navah and Gordon had managed to get seated earlier so were on their way first. Eventually back on the road the remaining four riders pushed quickly on through the Deighton’s before turning into a strong headwind towards Spofforth where Yvonne led a Christmas Tree hunt for a backdrop to a group photo. None could be found – see photo for result. Colette and Mark took their own route home leaving Yvonne and Tim to tackle a blustery Showground. A classic Wheel Easy ride in good company. 32 miles and 1400 ft of climbing. Tim2

Medium Plus Steady – Gia’s Group

A small group opted for the ride to Timble and Askwith. After a photo stop at Little Almscliff six of us decided it was too windy to go over the moor so we dropped down to Norwood and the gated road. Gusts pushed us from the side and the back but we made it to Leathley cafe in one piece where the staff found tables for us inside. A fine ride and much calmer as we came back via North Rigton. Thanks to James, Paul, Debby, Alison and Margaret for a good winter ride. Gia


Medium Plus Steady – Helen’s Group

It was dry, sunny and warm for the time of year and nine of us set forth, namely, from left to right, Debbie, James, Peter J, Paul, Gia, Margaret, Alison, Monica and Me (behind the camera, photo above).  By the time we passed Little Almscliffe and paused at the B6461 we felt quite battered by a frisky side wind.  Six of the nine decided to head left for an early coffee which left Peter J, Monica and Me to tackle the rest of the route.  Monica and I are practising “toughening up” in preparation for the Harrogate Triathlon, so Peter J drew the short straw and chaperoned us round the whole ride.  We took the Low Snowden route after Fewston and Timble because it is nice and was quite sheltered, then took the quick route into Otley, avoiding the Askwith Descent, and it was nearly downwind and definitely downhill all the way.

The Otley Garden Centre was quite pleasant, if a bit too Christmassy for me! It is run on very similar lines to Morrison’s, except you don’t get limitless refills of coffee – we did ask.  The wind had noticeably slackened off by the time we emerged and we had a very relaxing and enjoyable journey home via Castley, Dunkeswick, Kirkby Overblow, Burn Bridge and home.  As advertised, 36 miles.  Helen T