A Wednesday Ride

So, my other half, Elaine said I was absolutely mad (cleaner version of what she actually said ) to go out this morning and nobody else would be out today.  I said that there is always another idiot who turns out in any weather, but as it happens she was right and I was the only idiot this morning! Announcements didn’t take too long and the rain was now biblical so I set off on route 309 to see how far I could get.  Good progress to Ripley and then Scarah Bank, the lake at the bottom of the hill is now massive and full of stone and gravel so that was quite interesting.  I went through Markington and headed out towards How Hill, the lakes were now becoming more frequent, longer and deeper, one even had ducks swimming in it! Heading back towards Ripley I didn’t fancy the lake again so came back via Bishop Thornton and Shaw Mills to the Greenway. Managed 25 miles in interesting conditions and quite enjoyed it in a perverse kind of way but the best part of the ride was coffee and mince pies back at home and in dry clothes.  Steve B.