Short Ride

We took over Rachel’s ride to Boroughbridge via a shorter route including the bridleway at Copgrove. At Hideaway in Boroughbridge we were joined by Mike’s group, then Jane, Caroline, Jean and Monica.  So Wheel Easy were contributing well to the economy of Boroughbridge.

Martin, Jill and Roger took a longer route home while Kevin and Gia came back via Minskip enjoying battery power in the face of the wind. A good ride, 30 miles. Gia

Medium Steady Ride

On a overcast very windy Sunday in early April, we arrived at the show ground to find nobody there at 9.20am, very worrying, about 12 members amalgamated into 3 rides due to the lack of numbers, we set off with a neat group of 5 regulars made up of Rachel, Yvonne, Tim, Peter and myself.

I quickly realised that with this pace group, that I was going to be on a faster than usual medium steady ride!

We headed out on the Greenway, seeing Caroline’s group at Bilton and passed Ripley and up Scarah Bank to the lay-bye where the group had kindly waited, then swiftly on through Bishop Thornton, Markington, then stopping for a photo by the bridge in the woods, taken by a kind dog walker, as Yvonne took other pics too, then Bishop Monkton and upon reaching Roecliffe doing over 21mph, I did wonder if I should mention that this is too fast for a Medium Steady ride as we swept swiftly past another road cycling group probably doing 17mph, before arriving at Hideaway at 18.8 miles, at a very brisk pace, for our break. 

Gia’s short group were already there before us and enjoying Hideaways drinks and treats!

We strangely all ordered tea to drink and nearly all ordered toasted tea cakes, but Peter rebelled and had a cheese scone. 

The conversation centred on NHS dentistry, Denplan and the costs associated, as well as brief histories of all the group’s dentistry stories whilst growing up!

We paid and went to leave, but not after one of Caroline’s group (who had just arrived) tried to steal my helmet from the gents window shelf, (she thought someone had left it), plus Gia who had left with her group some time ago was back at the till, as she’d forgotten to pay, (easily done), but not a day to cycle into that wind anymore than necessary!

We ventured out into the wind which was now a headwind going home, we headed out through Aldborough , with various members kindly taking turns on the front for us, Peter especially helped us push though it with his electric assist, being extremely helpful for us today.

Down through Grafton and Marton, on the undulating route to Arkendale, then left on the less used route through Coneythorpe and Flaxby, to the terrifying 100 meters of A59, a kind driver waved Peter and I into the middle of the road which meant that we were now being passed on both sides by fast cars until a kind car let us all across, then left through Goldsborough, across the roundabout past Aldi and we turned left heading towards Abbey Rd, Peter headed straight on towards Knaresborough and the remaining 4 headed along Abbey Rd dodging people, dogs, prams, cyclists etc, all our bells were in full use, on up through Calcutt, where Rachel and I headed for Home along Forest Lane and Yvonne and Tim stuck to the route back through Stonefall park to the show ground. 

It was a fairly brisk medium steady ride for me, even in very windy conditions, but it was good company, lots of chat and good spirits despite the wind, and we didn’t get wet!

40.2miles for me home to home, but I think it was 34.3miles officially!  With a brisk avg mph, which was above average for me in those head winds.  A big thank you to my 4 fellow riders for getting me around in high winds at a faster avg mph than I’d normally do with no wind! Mike W (4th)


Medium Plus Steady Ride

No volunteers for the Medium Plus Steady Ride, so I joined the Medium Ride, very enjoyable but a bit scary at times. PCJ