Short Ride

A damp dull start with an unpromising forecast kept numbers low at the rollout. So, just three for today’s short ‘n gentle ride. Armed with a couple of (not necessary) bail out options should the weather turn nasty we set off for the HG Garden Centre on A61 between Bishop M and Markington. Pace was gentle which encouraged chat and proved to be the hallmark of the day. None of us knew each other at the start but by the time we said our farewells at Bilton Lane we had exchanged life stories and ambitions. Small numbers really helped, making it a memorable ride. By the end of the month Roger will be tackling the Devon Dirt Ride and Chris will doing the Ashville Triathlon. The very best to you both. Terry Smith

Wednesday Wanderers Ride

A round dozen Wanderers embarked on a circuitous route to Risplith. In our 2 groups, we made our way to Knaresborough, Bishop Monkton, Markington, Sawley and Risplith avoiding puddles and potholes as much as possible. We all met at G&T’s where the service was speedy and the food good. After a quick discussion we all agreed to stick to the suggested route. So pedalled along  Sawley Moor Road to Brimham and then a glide down Stripe Lane. What a change from slogging up! Several of us realised just how long it is! Over Hartwith Bridge where Colin suggested we might see toads. Unfortunately, they weren’t out and about today. From there it was a familiar ride through Birstwith to Clint Bank and Hollybank Woods. We noted another indicator of climate change- several bluebells were already out. Then it was back to Harrogate where we all went our several ways. It had rained heavily overnight and the forecast was dubious. However we were so lucky, mainly dry and even some sunshine! However, there was plenty of surface water and mud- consequently, filthy bikes! However, Margaret definitely won the prize for the most mud bespattered! All in all a lovely ride with a real feel of Spring. Thanks to all. Finally, a piece of historical information from our knowledgeable local guide, Mike Clark. Below is a plaque, but the name of the village has been removed. So where could it be? Apparently, ‘Sawley’ was removed during the war to confuse any Germans who found themselves in the area. The village hall is now a residential property.

40 miles of muddy roads, puddles, potholes and good company. Alison


 Medium Plus Brisk

Only three riders this morning – was it the weather? Even then we couldn’t decide what to do so we shrugged our shoulders & elected to follow the published Route 139. As we progressed along Walton Head Lane it looked very much like a sparrow hawk taking a male blackbird – both birds about the same size. All dry out towards Wetherby but on with the rain tops as the mizzle turned to heavy rain but that stopped by the time we arrived at Wighill. On to Acaster Selby & Acaster Malbis with everyone drying out nicely. We could sit comfortably for tea & cake at York Marina after a detour off the route – if you haven’t been there for a while you will notice a difference. Let’s just say that we stood out from the rest of the clientele particularly with mud splattered across our faces & jackets. Disciplined team rotation kept the speed high along the dry roads past Marston Moor before the clouds came back in again leading to rain at Spofforth where jelly babies were distributed to help fuel rapidly tiring legs. This was followed, of course, by bright sunshine at Follifoot & the Showground. The photo of the mudguards highlights the difference between a “good” length & a shorter length that still flings rain water at the rider behind. 54 miles – plenty of smiles too. Tall Tim