Short Ride

We had a full contingent of E bikes ( apart from Helen and I) at the start of our hilly ride to Leathley and back. At Burnbridge we picked up another rider. We were all eager to get back before the rain started- but would this be at 11.00, 12.00 or 14.00? A good pace was set by the E- bikers up Brackenthwaite Lane, including Denis who said farewell to us at the top of Church Lane. We dropped down through Leathley and had coffee and T cakes etc at the Farm Shop. We avoided the Castley loop due to possible flooding and made our way up to Almscliffe Crag. It had started raining slightly therefore we deviated from the published route returning via North Rigton. Helen and Paul peeled off towards Beckwithshaw and home whilst the rest of us swooped down Brackenthwaite Lane and home. Lovely ride- one of my favourites plus we got home dry! Thank you all for your company and Helen for back-marking- 25 miles and 2,000 feet of climbing Janet G

Wednesday Wanderers – Advance Party

Six of us fell into an Advance Party for the Wanderers’ Ride out to Easingwold : Tim2, Mike S, Mike W3, Lesley, Derek et moi.  So as not to crowd Steve’s 9 Wanderers and the delight of the gauntlet thrown down of a forecast with variable probabilities for afternoon rain, we set off at a quickish pace, jacket stowed away by Low Bridge and not seen again until Minskip.  Through Farnham and Ferrensby, through a ford at Marton, easing our way through Great Ouseburn and over the fabulous Aldwark Bridge for a team photo with lambs.  Quick left to pretty Alne and onward to Easingwold, arriving at 11:20 and the surprise of a 15 mph average, though we did have a little fun on the flat getting to 23mph.  Unfortunately Curious Coffee couldn’t manage 6 inside, so we duly settled on the Olive Branch (an EG had earlier warned us of a poor inspection star rating there) and as it happened the teacakes were disappointingly quite stale though the tea was fine. Steve’s group duly arrived so nice to chat with them before we left, still optimistically hoping the slight drizzle wouldn’t become a heavier precipitation.  Out through Raskelf, bowling along through Helperby over Thornton Bridge into Boroughbridge, endeavouring to keep as low as possible to reduce wind resistance.  Checking the cloud landscape, Tim & I submitted to the likelihood of getting quite wet imminently so donned the rain jackets and caught the others up. Derek said « so long » at Farnham and the remaining 5 ploughed the usual furrow up through Knaresborough and split near the Empress.  Gold star to the lovely supportive little group for picking up the gauntlet of trying to beat the clouds and their own PRs with approx average of 14.4mph; Mike S only used 40% battery reserve too.  My stats on return : 50.39 miles, 1,877 ft.  Yvonne D.

Wednesday Wanderers – Less Brisk

Fourteen takers for the ride out to Easingwold this morning. Two groups soon developed, a faster six with Yvonne and Tim as pacesetters and a more sedate eight with me. The fast girls and boys shot off not to be seen again until the café stop. The outward leg to Easingwold was done in rather calm conditions, watery sunshine and the wind offered assistance most of the time. Over the Aldwark bridge, first time for some after the renovation, and on through Alne to Easingwold and the Olive Tree café where the faster group had reserved two tables for us, what great service! Drinks arrived swiftly, food took a little longer but no complaints on the quality from my table. Before we set off for the return leg various waterproofs appeared for the forecast heavy rain and expected headwind, it did rain but nothing too serious, more of a heavy drizzle. The wind did increase so we had to work a little harder but everyone coped very well. We all went our separate ways after Knaresborough hill, I think I did about 50 miles door to door so well done everyone and thanks for your excellent company. Special thanks to Colin and Chris for sweeping between them. Steve B.

Medium Plus – Brisk

The weather forecast suggested another wet & windy day to come – how many is that so far this year? Seven set off to “Taddie” on route 270. That became six when T1 decided to pull off at The Ouseburns to do some more miles. Plenty of standing water on the route but still dry at this point; although there was a nagging south westerly wind all the way round to Roast where we got a table on the basis of not being there for too long. This was just what we needed – our plan to get going as soon as possible in order to be as close to Harrogate before the “two rain drops” on the forecast arrived. It was cold coming out and it soon started raining but we kept going round to Kirkby Overblow without rain jackets – here we split to finish the last section home. 53 miles. Young Tim