Medium Steady

We met on what seemed like a cold dull Sunday morning but a good turn out, our group had 8 members made up of a perfect combination of 5 men and 3 ladies, one recumbent, some electric assist and some bacon sandwich assist! 

We weaved out over low bridge, Abbey road and out on the undulating route to Wetherby, the sun came out for us and we had no wind, so we had a very chilled ride on the bike path out to Tim’s at Thorpe Arch, unfortunately it’s was too busy, so we continued to Salt in Boston spa, but due to a busy (greedy) Sunday morning, they had very little food left, so onto Wetherby via Clifford, unfortunately Pomfret’s was closed, the Iranian didn’t have enough seats, so we ventured into the newly opened “Breeze’s” deli cafe, the staff moved tables and chairs for us, offered us meal deals, so a happy now 7 (Dave peeled off at home, as he’d cycled in from Wetherby) sat down to very good fast service and food.

Totally re-fuelled and rested after solving all aspects of the intricate rules and regulations of mobile homes, their sites and every other aspect of that industry, who knew that our small group of 7 knew so much about mobile homes and a very different coffee stop topic for discussion! 

The sun continued to shine as we rode towards Harrogate through Kirk Deighton, little Ribston, on lovely quiet roads with very little traffic through Spofforth, Follifoot, Paul left us for home by the rugby club and the rest of enjoyed the long downhill past Rudding, we returned to our start point after a very enjoyable steady ride with good company over 31 miles and 1532 ft of climbing. Mike W (the 4th)

Medium Plus

Greygarth Monument is always a tempting proposition but it just felt too intensely cold this morning so, Alison, Margaret, Sally and I decided we were revolting and did a revised route out to G&T’s via Brimham Rocks and Sawley. G&T’s were playing host to most of the Wheel Easy rides today and it was nice to chat to the fast boys and girls (who had already done Greygarth!). We normally only see them as a blur on the road or a dot on the horizon so, quite unusual to catch them in a still moment, working their way through some very generously sized bacon and egg sandwiches!

Then the sun came out, actually emitting some warmth, so we had a delightful, relaxed ride back home via Watergate and the Greenway which was predictably busy with omni-directional children and over excited dogs. Many thanks to Alison for being our notional leader and coming up with the revolting idea in the first place. Roughly 35 miles and so relaxing, I’m sure I fell asleep at one point ……….Helen T

A little bit on the chilly side this morning but no wind and no rain and none forecast either. A bit misty but none of the fog we were promised. Initially nine of us for the ride but that quickly became thirteen so off we went in various groups to Ripley to make a plan. The greenway was quite busy so progress was slow and the temperature seemed very low. After Ripley we all warmed  up a bit as we climbed up to Sawley. Debbie, Paul and Kevin decided to take refreshment at G&T’ s but the rest of us kept climbing up towards Dallowgill. By now the sun was starting to get through and the ride up to Greygarth was really quite pleasant. The views from the top were still a bit misty so Gordon said he would wait for a better day to walk up to the tower! So next stop Fountains for lunch, quite busy today but plenty of staff on and we were soon sorted, no complaints on the fare on our table. The return via How Hill to Ripley was completed in full sunshine, very spring like, back along the Greenway where we all went our separate ways. Thanks to everyone for a very enjoyable ride especially Yvonne our official photographer again. Forty one miles for me and a smidge over 3,000 feet, a bit more than published. Steve B.