Short Ride

My retention stats took a hit this morning as eight became five by the time we reached Kirby Overblow. Paul had a flat tyre by the time we reached Leeds Road and Geraldine picked up a puncture on Walton Head Road so we said farewell to the unlucky trio, Joe included of course, as they decided to head for home and waved us on. We dropped down to the A61, climbed to Almscliffe Crag and a little more undulation took us to Hoticap for coffee and a variety of homeward routes. Thanks everyone. Helen B

Wednesday Wanderers

A goodly amount of riders out this morning and 18 of us for the Wanderers ride including Chris returning after 6 years as part of his training programme for an upcoming triathlon that his children had press ganged him into. We made our way down to Low Bridge trying to leave room for overtaking cars but with Yvonne’s group also heading out that way the roads seemed to be full of Wheel Easy riders. We split up into unequal groups, Alison’s gang, the three Mikes group and our group of four with plenty of overtaking and being overtaken as we all made our way to Great Ouseburn where the Wednesday ride headed off to the recently reopened Aldwark bridge and we continued on to Tancred Farm cafe where the staff did a fabulous job of serving 18 of us very efficiently. On to Whixley crossing the railway and then Spofforth where the groups blurred a little through Follifoot and back to the showground. My miles were 34 and 1600 feet climbed, thanks to everyone for your great company especially Alison, the three Mikes and Colin for excellent sweeping duties. Steve B.

Medium Plus Brisk

Who can forget the haunting melody of the Spice Girls hit “2 become 1” from December 1994? For Route 25 up to Stumps Cross 9 became 7 became 8 and then became 6 – not quite as melodious but there it is. The 2 riders leaving early at Greenhow to get home to catch P.M.Q.s (Prime Minister’s Question time) were Zoë & Rachel leaving seven – pictured here practicing their aerodynamic (but outlawed) puppy paws handlebar position up around Padside. Before then another rider had appeared at the café to make it 8 – it was of course windy & chilly up there but much more benign as we lost height down Duck Street Lane. The group came home via Darley & then split again at Birstwith as befitted the part of Harrogate riders call home leaving 6 to come back along the Greenway. About 43 miles.

Club riders are reminded that riding seven abreast is not permitted.

Wednesday Ride

In the autumn, I cycled across 15 Thames bridges West to East one afternoon, so it’s fairly clear I love bridges ! Happily a number of other Wheel Easy people were also keen to sail up Boat Lane to rediscover Aldwark Bridge for the first time this year since its extensive renovation – and beautiful it is too ! Gia, James, Kevin & Paul T. were also pretty keen to head for coffee, so they headed through the Dunsforths to Boroughbridge where we saw them later as they set off to complete their 40 mile ride returning to Harrogate via Bishop Monkton and Markington. Unfortunately the Beningbrough café has now definitively closed so no turn to the East was planned. Instead, we sped through Aldwark and kept going through ‹ Dutch › Helperby over Thornton Bridge up to Cundall turning West to Norton-le-Clay. Mike the Vet related that these 2 villages share a rare distinction in the safe return of all their young soldiers from WWI – nice. Struggling with the increasing breeze over such exposed fields, we were delighted to pull in to the Hideaway Café after 30 miles, where I got to sample their Islington brunch – pretty tasty ! This research is rather fun ! We headed back through the roadworks of Minkskip, Staveley on to Farnham & up Knaresborough Hill where Charlie, Mike, Gordon, Chris & Chris left whilst Tim 2, Colette & I headed back into town. Grand day out, thanks to all for such positive company ! Thanks to James & Tim2 for additional photos. 43 miles, 1,552 ft for me. Yvonne D.