Short Ride

6 takers for the ride to Boroughbridge (route 278) – David P, Steve, Jill, Justine, Alan & Tall Tim (T3) – on a bright day but that wind was a bit chilly. A smooth ride out but on arrival at Boroughbridge all the cafés were rammed with ……….. Wheel Easy cyclists. We opted for Morrisons. Sadly Alan had to leave us due to security worries about his demonstration bike that he was riding. It was a cold restart for the remaining five – we never did seem to get a tailwind but the wind did die away & by the time we got back to Sandy Lane it was positively balmy. 26 miles.  Congrats to Justine for her first Wheel Easy ride. Tall Tim.


Medium Plus Steady
There was a healthy interest in the Medium Plus Ride to Boroughbridge and Ripon and we split into three groups with Steve and Gia also volunteering to lead. My group comprised Peter B, Geraldine and Joe, Chris & Chris, Liz F, Colin B and myself.  The weather was perfect for an energetic ride out to Farnham, Arkendale, Great Ouseburn, The Dunsforths and Boroughbridge.  From there we went to Skelton, home of my favourite church in this area and then on to Ripon through quite heavy traffic with an unfavourable headwind.
Lunch was taken at Tate’s Garden Centre where we had a group photo before splitting up with Chris & Chris and Colin who took the Knaresborough route home whilst the rest of us went through Fountains grounds in a vain search for deer before taking the Markington and Ripley route home. A most enjoyable ride in good company with good weather throughout.  42 miles, Keith T

Keith had a large following today for the medium plus ride so we split in to four groups. We took a diversion to get to Arkendale by going through Goldsborough. James peeled off early for coffee in Boroughbridge where we saw various members dotted around the cafes. On to Ripon for a much needed cafe stop at Tates and home in the sunshine. Windy but sunny and a long ride for November but we all enjoyed being out. Thanks Charlie. Debby, Kevin and James for the company. 45 miles. Gia

Saturday Ride

Ride calendar 78 was the route for the Saturday gang. Six met at Hornbeam at 09.00 route out was Calcutt out along waterfront to Chain lane. Nice to go a different way to meet Martin B at Sandy Bank. Was Arkendale – Dunsforths – Boroughbridge – Langthorpe – Ripon. It was decided to avoid Ripon centre for cafe stop and we went out to Tates garden centre for refreshments. Route back was amended to avoid Littlethorpe and at Bishop Monkton the group went towards Markington to go down towards Ripley. Martin B left us in Markington to return to Boroughbridge via Burton Leonard, Mark C left us at the Drovers cross roads to return via Shaw Mills. That left 5 of us to have a pleasant return back along the Greenway which for once was not busy. The weather was kind to us apart from a very blustery westerly wind at times it was blowing 15-18mph making parts of ride hard work for all. Home for the afternoon of rugby on tv 12.50 finish. The group was Helen B, Mark C, Chris B, Martin B, Dave B, Dave R and Grant D. 44miles 1693ft and a 15.6 mph

Medium Ride

Six riders (Alison, Sally, Chris, Alastair, Peter and me) went to Thruscross, West End Padside and had a great day out with beautiful, clear weather, a fair amount of hills with lovely views finished off with good conversation and delicious scones at Sophies in Hampsthwaite. Monica.

Steve volunteered to take a group of five. Cool day so don’t spare the horses speeding on to Cafe Plenty at Boroughbridge. Getting served took longer than the ride. Strong winds to Ripon shared by all, then back home. Lovely ride, great company. Thanks to all. Picture under blankets keeping warm. My garmin said 39 miles @ 13.7 Mike Wills.