Short Ride

It was lovely to greet my 3 very familiar compadres on the planned short ride from Hornbeam. All ‘old faces’ for me, from years gone by at Wheeleasy, and it was a pleasure to catch up with them all again after a gap of too long.
The Autumn day treated us to blue skies and sunshine, and the route through Burnbridge, Kirkby Overblow and Sicklinghall enabled us to make the most of the beautiful Yorkshire scenery. We enjoyed a meander through the Stockeld Estate, before convening at The Castle Inn at Spofforth for coffee/cake and conversation. We covered religion, politics, education, and film. Which Steve McQueen film was his best? (The Great Escape, of course!).
Unfortunately, as we were about to set off home to Harrogate, C. discovered she had a flat tyre and had to ‘phone a friend’ for help. Having confirmed help would be on its way, we left her in the pub! A great ride. 21 miles.  Sarah Everson Maurer

Medium Steady

I decided to alter the route for today’s ride, avoiding the bridle path from Copgrove and the busy Dishforth to Ripon road. Five left the show ground and before we got to Low Bridge we had deviated by joining Knaresborough Rd and then proceeding via Lingerfield. We rode as a compact group so even though I was the only one who knew the route and even then not always sure we made steady progress.  Through Arkendale we were joined by another group and were 9 for a short while until we split again agreeing to meet at Tate’s. We did do the published route for part of the way through and beyond Boroughbridge.  It was a lovely day and outer layers were being discarded faster than Autumn leaves which were very evident and colourful around our route.  Through Marton le Moor across the busy Boroughbridge Rd and on to Skelton Rd we passed Ripon race course and met the other group at Tate’s as promised.  After a pleasant lunch and natter in the sun we began to go our separate ways 4 through Studley where a deer with magnificent antlers was spotted then 2 for the final miles into and beyond Ripley.

An excellent day in the sun and breeze, proper Autumn. 40 miles and 2000ft. Chris Bishop

Medium Plus – Steady Ride

The Medium Plus ride today was long, rather tough but very enjoyable. There was a strong wind against us for the first half and steep climbs to be tackled at West End. As we joined Duck Street, five of the group decided to return by Dacre and Thornthwaite (Alison, Liz F, Bridget, John C and Dave R) and Helen T, Debby, Colin B, and myself soldiered on into the wind yet again to Greenhow Hill. A definite feeling of relief turning out of the wind and descending with glorious views down Peat Lane into Pateley. We were more than ready for our break at Wildings and, suitably refreshed, hoped our legs would manage another steep climb up to Wath Lane via Silver Street. The view at the top is always delightful and then a very welcome descent to Fellbeck.  Brimham Rocks, Stripe Lane, Clint Bank, Ripley, and the Greenway followed in quick succession.  On saying cheerio, we all agreed it had certainly been a challenging but definitely a great day out!  47 miles Climb 4200 feet.  Monica

Medium Plus – Brisk Ride

Not many there this morning – the chilly strong wind meant that the sextet chose Penny Pot to get to Fewston & then crept up to Timble. With an ever-improving temperature the team sidled along to Blubberhouses & the West End with clear views all around before risking the stretch along Duck Street Lane to Greenhow & down to Pateley & The Talbot tearooms. Service & food was good but that still gave us time to sort most of the current political snags – if only we were in charge, eh? [Not sure that would be a good thing – Editor]. Out & up to Wath, Wath Lane & it’s charming drainage channels before taking in the wonderful panoramas of Nidderdale under a clear blue sky. And then home. A hard 45 miles with 4,300 feet of climbing. Tall Tim