Wanderers’ Ride

The Away Day took many of WE cyclists today, but plenty left for the Wanderers. Three non-electrics set off first, followed by Alison who took another five electric and only lost one cyclist John. I had eight cyclists left on a mixture of electric and pedal power. Overcast day as we cycled down the Greenway to Ripley, autumnal colours and falling leaves showed us that the season was changing and soon shorter rides will be here. Up Scarah Bank my group reached the top as Alison’s were just leaving. The group decided to have a social chitchat and I was hard pushed to get them going again. Paul had a slow puncture and returned home and we carried on down Watergate Road and sharp left turn at the bottom and up to the lane for Sawley. Alison was waiting and we merged together, cycling to refreshments at G&T’s. The front three were ensconced as we arrived. Mike and Liz departed for Darley as Mike had an appointment. The three NE and Alison took her group on a different route home, which left me with Nikki, two Chris’s (Double C’s) Liz P, Mike Wills for Greygarth. Off up to High Grantley, along the lane with lovely views over the moors to the top. In the far distance the sunlight on the Clevedon hills was magnificent, Nikki said ‘are we going up them’ I know my reputation for hills but that would have been pushing it!! Swooping down the road avoiding the sheep and then onto the lane up to Greygarth. Mrs Chris, Liz P and Mike went up to the monument, as we watched them walk up, I remarked, ‘they looked like three aliens’ walking up the field. They started to wave from the top of the tower, I thought are they going to set up their climbing pods and banner protesting ‘No more hills’ and not return. They did take some time returning, Chris had gone searching for Geocaching, but I managed to retrieve them to carry on cycling. Cycling down the road, we looked for the Nidderdale mosaics and looked at the stunning moorland views. Onward to Kirby Malzard, Galphay, through Studley Royal, the deer were rutting but no roaring today. Short stop at Fountains then onwards up the hill, Markington, Ripley, Greenway and home. Great day out 42 miles, good company and dry weather. Liz F

October Awayday- Selby

For the final Awayday of the season we arrived in Selby for our first ever ride in this area. To mark the occasion 14 riders gathered in front of the impressive Abbey for a group photo for what promised to be an interesting ride with a range of different views and ( shock horror) what was to be a flat ride and which, on reflection, divided into three sections. The riders split into two groups and set off towards Brayton and Gateforth going through some very pretty villages and which incorporated the dominate features of the day- crossing the main LNER rail line, the rivers and drainage systems in the area and the power stations that dominate the skyline.

We were making good progress and so it was decided to add in a coffee stop and we began to look for a suitable venue- which arrived in the form of the Kings Arms at Beal that had a teashop who served good coffee and scones at unbelievable prices!  Suitably refreshed we set off towards Doncaster and were surprised again at the villages which were in the area.  We headed for lunch at the Lakeside Cafe at Askern which was halfway into the ride and which, to be fair although not our first choice, served good honest cafe grub ( but poor coffee!) in a busy spot. It was well used by the local community and again the prices were very affordable. Overall they did a great job and we left fully carbo loaded!

The second part of the ride until Carlton featured a lot of A road riding which is not to everyone’s liking and certainly meant you had to concentrate but given the flat terrain it soon passed as we turned back onto the country lanes for the final 10 miles.  This part of the ride was dominated by effectively a circuit of Drax power station and we had some great views of the workings and buildings involved in the operation.  We went through Camblesforth and Barlow before swooping the chimneys of Drax for the spires of Selby as we headed back into the town after a varied ride of 45 miles with virtually no climbing.

Thanks to Terry Smith for devising the ride in this new area for the Awayday programme and to Steve Wright and Doug Higgins for leading the two groups.  Thanks also to everyone who turned up and provided, once again, good company.  Another Awayday season over but they will be back next year. Kevin

Medium Plus Brisk Away Day

On a dry, chilly morning 4 riders set off from the charming village of Clapham. First to Ingleton before heading north up Deepdale. The strong side wind was a nuisance but the views were spectacular with Whernside sitting to the east as we climbed higher & higher before plummeting down into Dentdale for an unscheduled tea & cake stop. Well, why not? An ascent up out of Dentdale followed – safe in the knowledge that meant most of the climb for the day would be over – except the ride almost came to a halt part way up the hill with the road ahead closed due to bridge repairs. Fortuitously a couple of locals appeared & showed us a way through. A superb continuous descent followed along Barbondale with more gorgeous panoramas to feast on. Additional tea & cake was taken onboard at a busy Kirkby Lonsdale before tackling the last ¼ of the ride. Fate then intervened; a puncture followed, then a mechanical issue that couldn’t be fixed & to compound matters we had turned east straight into the ever-strengthening wind meaning that the group limped back into Clapham far later than expected. Despite all of this the main point of discussion was putting the ride into the calendar for summer 2023 – if I had a “top ten” of rides then this would be in there. 46 miles. Tall Tim.