Short Ride

Ten of us left the Showground on what turned out to be a lovely cycling day apart from a troublesome breeze. After extracting ourselves from the Medium Steady Group and helping to reunite a lost dog with its owner we headed into the wind through Beckwithshaw and up to Little Almscliffe where the views over the hills and across the dale were lovely and as encouraging to be out on your bike as always. The group split round the dog leg but reunited again after a relatively easy crossing of the A59 due to its continued closure. Round the back of Menwith with the usual police escort brought us into a tail wind which assisted us down to Hampsthwaite and a welcome coffee stop at Sophie’s. From there we splintered as different routes back to Harrogate and home were chosen. Thanks to everyone who came for the usual good company and chatter over coffee, centring on the relative behaviour of motorists in this country as against those in France and Spain. About 24 miles in distance and 30 seconds of light shower!   James G.

Medium – Steady

A great Spring ride out southwards today, accompanied by 3 Lizs, 2 Chris’s, 2 Mikes, Alison, and a warm welcome to newcomer Daniel. Plenty of chatter and laughter, definitely high spirits to match the lovely weather. A spotting of a fox, plenty of bluebells and some lily of the valley. Wonderful Spring blossom fragrances and a dubious “farm smell”, to which a certain gentleman, (who shall remain unnamed, though I’ll get even with him next ride) suggested that it might be me!! A welcome lunch stop at Tim’s café at Thorpe Arch with very generous servings of both sandwiches and cuppas and then homewards bound. Thank you for good company making a fun ride out. Diane

Medium Plus – Steady

I could never be a politician – I make one suggestion ( to reverse the route) and it is accepted immediately and without debate. What fun would that be in Westminster ? The forecast of strengthening westerlies and the ride profile for Route 267, meant that Route 267R seemed much more sensible. Ten riders threaded through town to Knox Bridge and we finally reached open country. It was a case of up , up and more up via Hampsthwaite, Clint, Burnt Yates and Brimham Rocks to emerge on the Ripon-Pateley Road above Fellbeck . At this point the wind really made its mark as we had to pedal quite hard to maintain momentum downhill to the pub and a thankful right turn (up again) onto moorland.  Waders were in evidence along this road – curlew, oystercatcher and lapwing – good luck with the breading season.  A long, wonderful downhill brought us to Grantley and then Low Grantley along a road which the Leader HAS NEVER CYCLED ON BEFORE – in 38 years out and about !  We wiggled through Aldfield to Fountains Abbey Visitor centre for a comfort break and 2 riders decided to lunch early there and then proceed home. The remaining 8 were mainly wind assisted through Ripon and Skelton to Boroughbridge where we lunched in The Hideaway. (good food and a lovely service but slightly on the pricey end, IMHO) . Then it was back into headwinds via Roecliffe, Bishop Monkton (where we paused to see the topiary cockerel that isn’t there any more), Markington and home via Ripley and the Greenway.

Apart from the wind and only one rain shower it was a beautiful, sunny day. Even on a less windy day 267 would be a tough ride with all the climbing in the second half. 267R would be my preference in most cases, but the gusts we faced later in the afternoon in Markington made it a no-brainer.  I measured over 3,000 ft of climbing with 2,500 of it in the first half of the ride – decision vindicated.

 Thanks to all for a lovely ride and to Yvonne for the photos. A few slight detours turned a 54 mile ride into 56 – but who’s counting ? Peter L