Wednesday Wanderers – Medium Steady

On a lovely morning 11 takers for the ride via Ouseburn and the Dunsforths, and Boroughbridge. A lot of the way there was a head-wind. At Boroughbridge Barbara decided to cut her ride short and cycle back home, having not been out riding for a while. Onto Ripon via Skelton for cafe stop at Tates. Drinks and sandwiches and plenty of chatting. Photo session at Garden Centre and then on to the road home with the wind helping us. Hailstones fell for about 1 minute then sun came out. At Knaresborough people went their own way home. A good ride and good company. Thanks to all.   43 miles and 579 metres climbing. Mike Wills

Wanderers Medium Brisk (Route78)

I made the mistake of saying I wanted to do the route at a briskish pace.  Four of us  (Steve, Peter, Mike and Gordon) set off before the main group.  Steve and Peter set a very fast pace towards Boroughbridge where Steve departed back to Harrogate.  We stopped at Tate’s for a well-earned break.  As we were leaving the rest of the Wanderers arrived for their break.

After the lunch stop Mike and Peter set another fast pace back to Harrogate leaving me in their wake.  40.8 Miles with an average speed of 13.18 mph.  Gordon T

Awayday Group 1

The day began bright but cool with 18 riders in Masham. Was it the forecast, or the promise of a flat ride ? Within the first mile we had the excitement of six police cars and a medical responder across our route. Someone seemed to have been captured from a car in the woods, but our rubbernecking was fruitless, so we just had to make up a story as we rode along. Making a short diversion to Snape Castle chapel, where Katherine Parr worshipped before marrying Henry VIII, we had what must be Wheel Easy’s first supernatural experience. Yvonne dematerialised. She claimed to have been distracted by three dogs, but no-one else saw any dogs. Snape does have a ghost – a lady with long fair hair. Did she get lockdown puppies too ? Yvonne was beamed down a mile up the road, so all was well and nobody blamed the back marker.

Our plan to see the leech house in Bedale was thwarted by road resurfacing, so that’s for another day. We were tempted by the Tandem Cafe but resisted (apart from the illicit purchase of some flapjack, I heard) and we arrived early for lunch at Ellerton Lakeside. They served us well, and quickly.

Next stop was St Mary’s church in Bolton on Swale, where there are memorials both inside and outside the church to Henry Jenkins, ‘a very aged and poore man’ who died at the age of 169. Some members seemed to doubt this. He is currently the oldest known Yorkshireman, but I have him in my sights, unless Dennis gets there first !

From Bolton on Swale through Catterick is a bit dreary. I should have diverted to Catterick village green, which is pretty, with blossom trees and a stream. Sorry, everyone. But the scenery improved through Hornby with its castle, village well, fallow deer and a fine view of a flat topped hill further up Wensleydale. Could it be Addlebrough ? With the wind behind us we made good speed back to Masham just before the first, faint drops of rain.

37.8 miles, good company and no incidents (apart from Yvonne and the spectral hounds) – and Yvonne set off to ride home to Harrogate. Well done ! Thank you, everyone. Mike C




This is an extract of the burial register, Bolton on Swale, December 1670. If people were described as ‘poor’ no taxes were paid on the burial so the vicar was better off. Parish registers were only kept from 1538 so Henry’s baptism in 1501 is not recorded. Mike C

Awayday Group 2

My first awayday ride of the year and I was leading the second group, whatever could go wrong! We were mostly e-bikers, only Sarah (Radcliffe) and Terry (Smith) on the non-assisted type. Out of Masham and very quickly into the first major range of hills and came across a number of police cars and ambulance first responders.. it didn’t look good.

A nice long downhill stretch followed where we forgot that we were cycling into a headwind. We made the deviation to Snape Castle, as suggest by Mike (Clarke) as we were worried that he would be quizzing us at the lunch stop.  However it proved to be was rather interesting. Onwards to Bedale, where unfortunately missed the leech house as there where extensive road works. Gia however demanded that we had to stop at the 360 Cycleworx bike shop on the outskirts of the town to pick up some of their renown fig slice. This we duly did and it looked so good that picked up a piece for my pudding tonight. Evidently 20-30 seconds in the microwave then add cream/ice cream…we’ll see.

Onwards into a headwind and poor road surface made the going hard, I was pleased I had power, and so were others, not sure about Terry and Sarah!

Stopping at the Green Frog cafe, for refreshments, we met up with the first group. It was good that they could accommodate us all but it seemed that some of the staff weren’t that pleased to have our custom. A quick photo call after lunch got us started again. However my Wahoo got confused as to where to go next. It appeared to have switched off over lunch. Fortunately Terry had a good women talking to him to direct us, and we were soon heading in the correct direction. A bit more head wind and negotiation of Catterick and it was then with a tail wind…most of the time, back to Masham. About 3 miles from Masham my Wahoo wanted me to do a U-turn, mind you it was next to a field of ewes!! I was advised to ignore it and continue. A great ride, thanks to Mike (Clarke) for the route and the history lesson, although he did miss Hornby Castle.. is that where the first model trains were made? Now, where’s that fig slice. Michael Smith.