Short Ride

Eleven riders today for the short ride to Hampsthwaite via St George’s, Whinney Lane, Beckwithshaw, Sun Inn, Menwith Hill and Clapham Green.
Three left us at Sophie’s and the remaining eight sat out in the sunshine with their various treats.
A variety of different routes were taken to get back to Harrogate. I took the direct route up the hill to Killinghall, the lane behind the school to the A61 and then on to the Greenway.
A distance of 25 miles.

Medium Ride – Brian’s Group

A glorious morning at Hornbeam saw a bumper crowd clamouring to go on the Medium ride, about 17 or of us! Lots of ladies in our number with a few occasional riders too. We split into two groups, and as there was no formal leader, Al D and Mike W guided us out. Down through Burn Bridge we encountered the cyclists of the Harrogate Triathlon coming up the hill. The two groups met and separated a few times as we made good time through Kirkby Overblow, Linton and Collingham, up Jewitt Lane and down to Bramham. Then on to Tadcaster for a mass photo on the bridge. Three of us decided to do a few more miles by heading back through Catterton, Angram and Tockwith rather than the main route via Thorpe Arch. So, a quick stop at the Lemon Tree and then a brisk run up past the Marson Moor monument for Charlie, Dave M and myself. Then lo and behold! Just as we crossed the A168 after Cowthorpe, we spied the main group led by Mike who had come a longer way back than planned, so we all joined up again for the final climb home through Follifoot. Then an unexpected diversion through the fields at the Showground because of the Shooting Show before home. A great ride enjoyed by all somewhere between 37, 42 or 45 miles depending on the chosen diversion. Brian.

Medium Ride Plus – Martin’s Group

The Med Plus “We demand an extra coffee stop ride” Report. At last it was a sunny and reasonably warm morning so we made up a group of 7 along the Greenway to Ripley. Taking the hilly route to GTs at Risplith we arrived in perfect time for a coffee and we all sat out in the sunshine. Martin was arm twisted by Gia into finishing off her currant slice and Debbie was so enjoying the warmth of the sun she had to be persuaded to move on to the hills! The moors were looking great with the sound of curlews all around and we climbed up to Greygarth Monument. Then it was a twisting and a “tad bit lumpy“ ride down via Winksley and Fountains Visitor Centre for lunch. Back home via Ripley and the Greenway made for a 42mile ride with 3050 ft. of climbing. A ride to remember! Martin W

Medium Plus – Steve’s Group

Distance 42.5 miles Height 931 metres – according to my Strava

Route 200 – Greygarth Monument – built for Queen Victoria’s Jubilee in 1897 and rebuilt 1984. A wonderful ride with loads of hills.

Weather – frost on the lawn at 6 am. T shirt weather by the end. Bright and sunny. Fabulous views.

Points of interest – sheep on the road on Dallowgill Moor slowed us down; 6 and 7-year-old trainee Wheel Easy members on the Greenway slowed us down again. If the world is short of insects, they should follow this ride – loads of insects there!

Lunch – Fountains Abbey

Company – perfect. What would you expect!  Steve W

Medium Plus Ride – Helen’s Group

A surprisingly compact group of four left Hornbeam on a perfect riding day this morning to tackle one of my favourite rides to Greygarth Monument. The route ticks all the distance, elevation, scenic and pure enjoyment boxes for me. Numbers grew as we met Allen on the Greenway and Paul B just before Sawley, making the perfect six. We voted for Oliver’s Pantry in Ripon which just happens to be one of my go-to café stops and they pulled out all the stops to make us feel welcome and in double quick time we had coffee and a range of tasty treats which we enjoyed al fresco in the courtyard. We were soon on the road again and decided to push for home on the A61 rather than play ‘dodge the hazards’ on the Greenway – good call. Thanks everyone – it was a particularly lovely ride. Helen B

Medium Plus Brisk Group

I headed up Beryl Burton way to Bilton Lane – being a Cragrat. The first people through on the Medium Plus ride were the “brisk” group of Helen, Zoe, Julie and Richard – so I tagged along.
There was a vehicle entering the Greenway (a PHEV running on battery I might add) as Helen and co. arrived. They had been dragging rubbish out of the river under the viaduct the previous day and were headed off to collect it – including a motorbike – well done.
We gathered one more to the group (Paul?) at the turn for Sawley, then followed the route to Kirkby Malzeard, where rebels that the brisk group are opted for coffee at Olivers in Ripon. We were there before 12:00, service was quick and the food great as usual. The group headed in the direction of Markington from Bishop Monkton, so I called farewell and made my way back directly to Knaresborough. Great weather and views; 42 miles, 2160ft and 13.7mph average for me. Allen B.

Greygarth Monument in the background.

Medium Plus Fast Group

Seven riders joined the medium plus faster group today, soon becoming six as Paul B dropped back to join Helen’s group (the victim of possibly too much carb loading the night before in the form of alcohol…). At Greygarth discussion about cafe stops led to a suggestion to go into Masham, which then became a plan to try out the cafe at Swinton Bivouac near Druid’s Temple. The navigational approach used involved plenty of dead reckoning, gut feeling, intuitition, following road signs and consultation of a smartphone GPS, leading to more additional miles and climbing than was perhaps strictly necessary, but as Martyn put it as we rolled back down a hill we had just climbed, “we’re all in this together”. The cafe is well worth a visit. We sat outside in the sunshine with a glorious view and the food was good, although the service slow (more than an hour for our stop). We had a great ride home via Masham, Grewelthorpe and Ripon, and then the published route back into Harrogate. Andy Ackroyd showed that gears are unnecesssary, by snapping his rear gear cable and cycling most of the way home in one gear without apparently breaking sweat. So, the planned route of 40 miles became over 60 miles, and a great ride as well. Thank you to all! Michael I

Long Ride

Nine riders left Hornbeam Park to tackle the foothills of the North York Moors around Thirsk. The ride successfully reached Kirkby Knowle via Boroughbridge, Sessay, Dalton and Felixkirk. I let the group as they headed off towards Cowesby, while I returned to Harrogate via Thirsk (Arabica coffee shop). PCJ