Medium Steady Ride

Backwards riding is a popular sport! Ten riders joined me to ride route 177 reversed. Debbi, Yvonne, Bridget, Gordon, James, Paul, David, Stephen, Liz F and Corinne on a very cool Specialized electric bike. The weather forecasters had done their best, so I was aiming to out run the imagined late morning rain and afternoon thunderstorms.

So we were soon at the top of Scarah Bank and on our way to How Hill but sadly witnessing a lot of last night’s roadkill. As we turned up Hebden Bank towards Sawley, Liz and Corinne continued on to Fountains for an early coffee and shorter ride home. We then took a short deviation down the amazing Low Gate Lane and into G and Ts for refreshments where the local wasps ganged up on us – our attempt at diverting their attention (see photo) had limited success.

A few spots of rain and we were up and off again, up Sawley Moor Lane, Brimham Rocks Road and onto Stripe Lane. When riding “backwards” a whole new world opens out – a different perspective. We are so lucky to have such natural beauty on our doorstep and red deer were seen today. Finally on to Hartwith Toll road, Birstwith, Clint Bank and the Greenway. We did beat the weather but that was due to an over pessimistic forecast and not the efforts of the Leader. Great ride, great company and for me 38 miles, 2700 ft of climbing at an average 11.8 mph. Tim2