Wednesday Wanderers Gp.1

Fabulous day for a ride and fourteen members decided to wander with me to Easingwold. Splitting into two groups with Mike W kindly offering to lead the second group. Had only got as far as Sainsburys when Mike C disappeared. He caught up at Low Bridge. He realised he’d not locked his car. By the time we got to Farnham the weather was warming up. We made good progress out to Arkendale , Marton and Great Ouseburn where Alison departed due to other commitments. At Aldwalk with the road bridge closed we took the bridlepath to the pedestrian bridge at the golf club. See photo. Apologises as I was more determined to get the bridge in than my fellow riders faces. Into Alne and on to refreshments at the Olive Branch in Easingwold. We all managed to get seated outside and the WE banter commenced. Quick and efficient service as we soaked up the September sun. We eventually decided we should leave. So off to Raskelf and Helperby in the hot sun. Regrouping in Boroughbridge and a bit of a cool down. Onwards Mike C had a minor chain malfunction in Minskip(soon fixed) and Liz P had a few of us guessing to a rear wheel noise which she eventually found to be a bit of stuck gravel against wheel and frame as we got to Sandy Bank. Riders discussed their various options for their rides home and so said our farewells. Great ride. Great weather. Great company. Thank you and thank you Mike W. 48 miles for me. Colin B

Wednesday Wanderers Gp.2

Wednesday Ride

Misty start to an ambitious ride with forecast of high temperatures blazing over Jill’s Hills. Ten riders patiently waited for me to deal with an earlier appointment and catch them up at Little Almscliffe. We then swooped down to a mill pond calm Fewston Reservoir, up to Timble and then a free choice of straight up Askwith Moor or taking the Low Snowden route.  We regrouped at the crossroads where we bid adieu to Mark who headed back to a rendez-vous with plumbers; John & Stuart turned left at Askwith and the remaining 8 turned right for Carter’s Lane to Middleton. We tuned in to a good steady pace up Hardings Lane, easing past Langbar and taking in the stunning views across the Aire Valley.  The fleeter-hoofed sheep had bagged places in the shadow of the stone walls  – the less picky made do with lying with their backs to the sun which gave us to consider that if lost, we could determine direction by the lie of the sheep…. probably the altitude and the heat talking by this time.   Reflections over, we started the swift descent to Beamsley, generating our own much-needed breeze following the Wharfe into Ilkley and a nice lunch served by the always chipper professional waiters at La Stazione where we were lucky to find Paul T. waiting for us, though he opted for the Askwith Lane route back on his classic Winthrop.  The corps carried on to Otley and the short cut through The Crossways to Farnley Lane.  Charlie, Dave, & Tony unexpectedly decided to take an early left turn up Brame Lane, crossing east to Leathley Lane and Briscoe Ridge with Gia in hot electric pursuit in case they were waiting for us.  Tim, Colette, James & I persevered with the planned route threading our way up through the shadowed lanes of Stainburn, reminiscing how the last time we did this route together it was raining by then.  On past Almscliffe Crag in blazing sunshine, up North Rigton and the long struggle up High Moor Road, which has to be done simply to enjoy the fabulous swoop down Brackenthwaite Lane into Burnbridge and back up to Harrogate – yes, it’s always back up to Harrogate !  Great ride out in honour of our friend Jill Fellerman and well done to all the determined climbers today !  Approx 52 miles and 4,200 ft.  Yvonne D.