Wednesday Wanderers

Three groups were formed at the Showground to accommodate the 22 Wanderers set for the ride to Whixley, Boroughbridge and home again.

Great conditions in late summer sunshine and quiet country lanes. Busy Boroughbridge meant each group finding their own venue for refreshment. Group 1 – Courtyard cafe. Group 2-Plenty. Group 3-Yolk. Everybody was happy.

Thanks to Mike C and Mike W for leading groups Mike P ( The other leader)


Informal Away Day

Eleven of us headed for Easingwold in cars for a short Away Day and remembered that Aldwark Bridge was shut and so it was round by Thornton Bridge.

The Curious Coffee shop was open when even Paul arrived at the crack of dawn and most of us availed ourselves of coffee/tea before leaving as it was a relatively short route with no official coffee stop. The weather was kind with quite a drop in temperature from last week but a lovely autumn morning with plenty of sunshine saw us on our way on an officially closed road out of the town, so no traffic and as it turned out a very small closed section through which we drifted without difficulty. The route took us through Crayke and Brandsby and up over Yearsley Moor to Ampleforth. Turning eastwards it was through Wass to Byland Abbey where Martin and Yvonne left us to commune with the Cistercian ghosts, but really to have a picnic , whilst the rest of us took the lovely back road through Oldstead and High Kilburn and then past Shandy Hall (No drinking!) into Coxwold and past Newburgh Priory. The views from Thornton Hill were worth the effort on the last climb of the day and then it was back into Easingwold and lunch outside at The Curious Coffee shop once again. 24 miles with good company and the usual great scenery in the Howardian Hills(see pictures). Thanks to all who came: Yvonne D, Colette, Sylvia, Yvonne S, Sarah R, Paul, Kevin, Tim, Martin and David and well done to Yvonne D who rode back to Harrogate.   James G