The consultation about Harrogate’s Station Gateway project is on now and runs until 24th March 2021.

Thanks to a successful ‘Transforming Cities Fund’ bid £7.9 million is available to transform Station Parade and other parts of Harrogate town centre, with a focus on cleaner alternatives to car journeys. It is a step towards a net zero carbon economy, it will improve health and well-being and in our view is essential for the prosperity of local businesses. More details and illustrations at…/transforming…/

Please complete this survey. The proposals are complex and quite daunting at first sight. However, you do not need to study them in detail for the purpose of the survey. It should take no more than 15 minutes, perhaps longer if you wish to add comments in the ‘Other’ boxes provided. Questions 1-3 take seconds. Question 4 asks which zones you would like to comment on. We chose both zones, one and two. Most of the following questions are simple options such as ‘It would encourage more cycling’ or ‘It would not encourage more cycling’.


We hope as many people as possible will complete the survey who would like to see the town centre improved for walking and cycling, not dominated by the car. This is not just a matter of making the town centre a more pleasant place to spend time (and money) but an urgent environmental necessity. As Transport Minister Grant Shapps, who is in no way anti-car, said recently: ‘We want half of all journeys in towns and cities to be cycled or walked by 2030’.

To complete the Harrogate Station Gateway Survey go to