Notice of the Wheel Easy Leisure Cycling Limited Annual General Meeting – 7pm Wednesday 25th November 2020

Notice is given that the Wheel Easy Leisure Cycling Limited Annual General Meeting will be held at 7pm on Wednesday 25th November 2020.


As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic controls, the company’s directors have decided that it will not be possible to hold the AGM with the usual arrangements ie. a members’ meeting. This means that it will not be possible to achieve a quorum by attendance and, without this, no resolutions can be passed. However, the directors have decided that a Covid-compliant meeting and a quorum can be achieved by:

  • one or more directors being physically present at the AGM, and
  • extremely importantly, members appointing an attending director as their proxy to vote on their behalf on the agenda items and resolutions using the proxy form provided.
Appointing a Proxy

As a result of these special AGM arrangements, you can appoint either the chairman of the meeting (Mr James Grimshaw) or any of the other directors attending (Mrs Helen Bevis or Mr Vince Grealy) to speak and vote (as your proxy) at the meeting on your behalf. This is the company’s recommended option. Please refer to the Proxy Notice which accompanies this Notice and which explains the arrangements for both appointing a proxy and giving your directions as to how you wish him/her to vote on your behalf.

Finally, we would be grateful if you could please advise Jill Fellerman at of any items for inclusion under Any Other Business. These must be received no later than Wednesday 11th November.

Supporting Documents: 

Treasurer’s Note: Due to the Covid restrictions it has not possible for the Examination to take place yet as it would mean exchanging paperwork between the Treasurer and Examiner. We would hope for the Examination to take place shortly, after which the financial statement will be reissued with the Examiner’s statement. Please raise any questions or comments on the accounts by email to and they will be forwarded to the Treasurer for response.