Short distance ride

When I volunteered to be ride leader, I was very happy to see that this merry task wouldn’t start until March, oof, no cold weather rides for me…or so I thought. My little French socks quivered when I saw the snow last night & the forecast, nevertheless, five hardy Wheel Easy enthusiasts (Chris & Chris, Paul, Derrick & Bob) joined me this morning to test our warm weather clothes & see if toes & fingers could stand the beast from the East. We enjoyed cycling in the sunshine, slowed down in snowy Burnbridge, took care not to slide down the road up to Kirby Overblow & ended up in Wetherby for a group photo in front of “Wetherby Blooms”, with comments from all, “blooming freezing”! A hasty retreat to a welcome table for six upstairs in Kofi & Co for warm drinks, warming up of feet & pleasant chat.

Back home via Kirk Deighton, Knaresborough & Bland Hill to Harrogate in what almost seemed like a normal Spring Day. All of us happy to have set off & enjoyed cycling through 2 seasons! Great company & good spirits. Diane

Wednesday Ride

On a cold morning there was only a small number of riders at the Showground with the many others preferring to not risk the potentially slippy road conditions. A group of seven (including Colin and Gordon who were the only Wanderers wandering today) opted for an initially low level route to Ripon via Knaresborough and Boroughbridge. We made our way to Low Bridge and a brief rendevous with the EG’s and then onto Farnham and Marton-cum-Grafton and into Boroughbridge.

The roads were mostly well gritted and clear and James (with Yvonne pushing ) set a fast pace so it was too early for coffee in Boroughbridge so we set off to Ripon and a regrouping at Tates for coffee and conversation (and to be fair a chance to warm up!) The route back was decided to be via the Deer Park and we were rewarded with a great showing of the deer herd.

We then made our way back towards Ripley and the Greenway with the group spreading out as we hit the hills in the second half of the ride. The early sun had disappeared and it started to feel chilly again as we made it to Ripley. Paul left us here for home with the other six riders using the Greenway which was clear of any problems. At Bilton Lane Colin and James “went” left and the remainder into Town to go their own way home.

Thanks to James for the route and to Paul, Colin, Yvonne, Gordon and Tim for the company on a cold but enjoyable ride. 40 miles and over 2000′ of climbing. Kevin