Medium Ride

From the left, thanks Julie, Gordon, Janet, Mike, Dave and John for a lovely ride in perfect conditions. It wasn’t necessarily my first choice, but Morrison’s was a coffee stop winner when all other options failed so bravo Mr S for your suggestion – those EGs know a thing or two! Great to see you all and welcome back Julie. Helen B

Medium Plus

What a wonderful blue sky, sunny morning with just a hint of a breeze. Nine takers for the medium plus steady. Helen and Keith, Liz, Peter, Mike, Colin and three Steves. Rather busy on the way out of town so a bit of separation of riders. Fantastic views from the high ground as we made our way to Tadcaster. A new café for most of us, Helen had been before to Elsies and it turned out to be very reasonably priced with good fare. The home leg via Thorpe Arch, Wetherby and Spofforth saw riders peel off at various places. Thanks to everyone for great company and conversation, the ride led itself really! About 40 miles and 2,000 feet, lovely day out. Steve B.

Medium Plus Brisk

What a day for sunshine! Eight riders out to Tadcaster via Collingham on Route 21. And large numbers of other cyclists out as well. What climbing there is was over by the time we rolled into Tadcaster but there was no room at any of the open cafés so on we went to Thorp Arch. Mark T had already left us by then – so only seven to cope with the rather large flapjacks & cakes on offer. Slightly chilly on the way home but nowt to complain about on a smashing day. 41 miles. Tall Tim.