Wanderers Ride
Wasn’t the best of weather forecasts for today and this was reflected in riders turning up dressed for the worst. Eleven of us departed the showground heading for Sainsburys and then across to Knaresborough. It was good to pick Al up at Low Bridge and Peter as we trundled along towards Farnham. Through Burton Leonard and towards Bishop Monkton carefully navigating our way through a flood just before the village. Photo opportunity outside a jubilee house in BM(bit too much tarmac – sorry). We made good time to Roecliffe and Boroughbridge for coffee. Plenty were only doing takeaways so we descended on Bean. Pretty good service but Liz F requested beans on toast(not on the menu) and a cup of tea – £11.20 ??!! She needed a hot sweet drink to recover from the shock. Through Aldborough and the Dunsforths to Great Ouseburn where Steve left us. As we went through Thorpe Underwood we encountered a head wind that more or less persisted until we got home. Error by ride leader in Cattal . I headed for Hunsingore and the rest correctly went for Cowthorpe. Quick re-group.As leader I won – but I was in the wrong. We lost Tim who had a electrical/mechanical with his gears but he caught us later.
Down the A168 cycle path then across to Little Ribston where Al departed for Knaresborough. On to Spofforth and the ride finale at the showground. Weather turned out to be great. Head wind annoying. Good ride. Good company. Thank you all. Just short of 46 miles for me.   Colin B
Wednesday Ride

With what looked like threatening weather the route over Jack Hill to Pool and return via Castley was a good choice by James as it gave us lots of options to vary the route if the weather turned on us.

Obvioulsy others thought so to as eleven riders set off from the Showground in two fairly “fluid’ groups- one being designated the brisk group and the other the steady group.

From the start it was clear that there was going to be ‘variations’ to the designated route but we agreed as long as we made it to Pool to have coffee together that was fine. Paul T joined us at Beckwithshaw to make it a round dozen riders.

The ride up to and along the ridge was ,as always a pleasure- more so as the weather was good and there were clear views over the valley.

At the end of the ridge at the junction one group of four decided to descend to Pool whilst the others climbed up and went along the gated road and then down towards the cafe.

There was a moment of excitement when one of the Brownlees ( we didnt know which one) passed us going up the hill on his mountain bike- he didnt wave!

Service was good and after coffee and a natter we set off on the way back.Paul who was short on time went the Armscliffe route with all the others going via Castley and a few more climbs.

The weather was holding and it was warm so at Weeton we stopped for an informal focus group on the new kit situation. No secrets were divulged just broad opinions sought. After engaging our brains we turned to engaging our legs and rode on to Kirby Overblow where a group of four went off towards the by pass etc and the remainder home via Burnbridge.

The full ride was accomplished as the weather stayed fine- too warm for some who had dressed to get wet(me!).

Thanks to James for the route and to all who came along on the ride, especially the non-electrics who managed all the hills with ease! 32 miles    Kevin