Short Ride

There was a fairly large turnout at the Showground on this misty, cold-ish day. Six of us for the short, gentle ride, including Gordon on his trike. The trike concerned me a little, as the route to Wood Hall involves some tricky surfaces, but Gordon was happy to give it a go, despite not having done the route before. Lead Hall Lane, Burn Bridge and Walton Head Lane took us to Kirby Overblow, where Paul Blackham was waiting for us. Those in the know spotted Eddy Grey walking on Walton Head Lane, and a brief discussion followed about Leeds United’s glory days.

Towards Sicklinghall through Kearby and Netherby and then right along Paddock House Lane towards Wood Hall. We crossed the field on the concrete-sleeper path which was really muddy, and through the gate at the bottom, which was really the only tricky bit for Gordon’s trike. Past the hotel and into Linton and Wetherby, where we were able to get two tables at Kofi & Co. Martin and Yvonne Weeks were there, along with several other cyclists. Service was slow, but they did warn us it would be.

Back via Kirk Deighton towards Spofforth. Postman Paul had a major puncture, with his rear tyre coming completely off the rim, and the inner tube wrapping itself around his rear cassette. Eric Waters and friends came past on their way to Roy Smith’s funeral. We fixed Paul’s puncture and returned to Harrogate via Spofforth and Follifoot. About 25 miles – Clive S

Wednesday Wanderers

There were 14 of us for this ride on Route 138 so spilt into 2 groups of 7. The faster group set off and were not seen again until we met up at Tim’s Café at Thorp Arch.  The steady group made a leisurely pace to the café. I must say the food and drink is very good value! Thanks to Chris who knew the way to the café and the small detours to avoid the main roads. As usual, there was good banter and rude comments – especially from the ladies!

The weather was brightening up by the time we arrived back at the show ground.  33.7 Miles in total.  Gordon T.

Wednesday Ride

Despite a good turn out at the Showground there were only six of us for the Wednesday Ride, although Paul joined us at Beckwithshaw to make up the seven, by which time the mist was rolling in and the group photo at Little Almscliffe was just that – no views today!

The route was Jack Hill Lane and having negotiated a slight traffic jam along the way we opted to turn down the hill at the end and pass across the end of Lindley Wood reservoir rather than taking the gated road to accommodate myself with time constraints and in the conditions there would be little pleasure along the gated road. Having retrieved Monica after she made a slight diversion, we ended up in Leathley Farm Shop for very welcome coffees, teas and hot chocolates and having just got there within the cut off time for breakfast, also a mix of scones, bacon butties and toasted teacakes. I think the verdict on my cafe photo was probably  “could do better and needs more practice”.

After coffee we abandoned the loop through Castley and headed up the main road and Gravelly Hill to North Rigton and Brackenthwaite Lane where Paul departed for home. The rest of us headed into Harrogate splitting off as we went along and I joined the EGs for Roy Smiths funeral service at Stonefall where we provided a modest guard of honour for the hearse. Although the weather could have been kinder we had a good ride in good company and were only just short of the published distance of 31 miles despite a couple of short cuts and we did manage a good few hills.   James G

Medium Plus Brisk

It seemed that all rides were heading up Leadhall Lane this morning so five of us elected to go the other way and do the brisk route but not necessarily at a brisk pace, Sally, Peter, Mike L, Mike W and me set off on a rather misty morning eastwards.Normal route out via Low bridge to Ferrensby and then Great Ouseburn and then across the refurbished Aldwark bridge, we then discovered that Mike L had never been to the bridge at Myton on Swale so we had to make a visit down the rather muddy pathway. Next target was Thornton bridge on our way to our cafe stop, I think the thought of food and drink spurred us on to a rather swift 18 miles per hour into Boroughbridge and a stop at Plenty, very quick cheerful service and excellent sausage sarnies. The temperature seemed to have dropped a little as we set off for home so no hanging about, today’s ride seemed to be all about bridges, I think I counted 7 at least!

Great company as usual, thanks to everyone on our bridge too far tour. 42 miles for me at a 13 mph average, Steve B.