Wanderers’ Ride

Only four Wanderers wandering today. Liz P, Chris , Diane and myself braved the wet conditions for a trip to Thorp Arch. Very wet roads going across Kirby Overblow and Sicklinghall. We stopped at the railway station car park and briefly discussed coffee in Wetherby but we decided to push on. A deserted  cycle path passing only one chap and his dog all the way to Thorp Arch. Gloves wet through but we were generally dry it was nice to get inside. Usual quick and friendly service at the cafe stop. The drizzle had eased a little by the time we departed back to Wetherby. Up the cycle path on the A168  then Little Ribston where Liz swung left for Spofforth. The rest of use headed for Knaresborough, Abbey Road, Bland Hill and home. A wet ride but good to get out and chat. Thanks all. 30 miles for me. Colin B


Wednesday Ride

Weather conditions necessitated a switch to Plan B this morning.  It may have been raining the whole ride but the company was sunny !  A magnificent 7 riders : James, Paul T, Tim 2, Steve B, Yvonne, Colette and Tony in shorts(!) set off towards Rudding Park then spent what seemed like a geological age waiting for a gap in the traffic to cross the John Metcalf Way before swooping down through Follifoot and into Spofforth.  The 4-way traffic lights slightly hindered our progress over the Crimple Beck bridge up to Little Ribston but we pressed on to Knaresborough Waterfront for a pause-café at the Black Mulberry at 10:30am. A quick concensus to keep going saw us turn up Bond End past Jacob Smith Park into Scriven, Lingerfield, left past the Quaker Burial Ground into Scotton then up to the Ripley Road before turning back to the quiet lanes of Nidd.  We headed home via the Greenway after a pleasant rainy morning ride of just over 27 miles and 1,300 ft. Yvonne D.

Medium Plus Brisk

Route 200R in reverse today taking us up high towards Dallowgill and down past The Greygarth Monument. Only 4 riders today on a day when it seemed to be raining for the whole ride. According to T1’s bike computer we had completed 8 out of 9 climbs by the time we slipped into G&Ts at Risplith where we apologised for dripping over the floor but it didn’t seem to matter as we were the only customers in there. The first (& last) climb after the café stop was the ever delightful Hebden Bank before riding down into Harrogate. 41 miles. Tall Tim