Wednesday Ride

Some highlights: Breezy weather, bucolic countryside, best brownie and toasted cranberry tea cakes ever, outside table at Tates sat under a grey cool sky but warmed by lashing of tea and coffee and good craic. The ride followed a route familiar to many a Wheel Easy biker – Greenway, Hartwith Toll Road, Stripe Lane, Brimham, Sawley, through the Deer Park for the freewheel challenge, Tates, Littlethorpe and Knaresborough. Thanks to my fellow riders Yvonne, Charlie and James for another memorable day out. 44 miles and 3000 ft of climbing. Tim2

Wednesday Ride

On what turned out to be another very cool and cloudy ride, Yvonne, Tim (2), Charlie and myself headed down the Greenway and after being swamped for a short time by the fast Medium Plus group, headed through Ripley, Birstwith, over the Toll Bridge and up Stripe Lane to Brimham without anything noteworthy to report, other than regular stops by Yvonne for yet another animal photo opportunity. Despite a very fast time at the Ride London event on Sunday, Yvonne  showed no after-effects and had no difficulty catching up again. The Rhoddies in Sawley were looking good so we took the opportunity for a group photo and then on through Fountains and despite Charlie trying to stop there for coffee we headed through the Deer Park and into Tates for a welcome break. Inside was full and the length of the queue discouraged us from joining it so we opted to sit out, which proved a good a decision as we ordered and were served in double quick time. Pleased to report the cranberry toasted teacakes are back on the menu and were particularly good today. Then with the breeze a bit more behind us we returned through Littlethorpe, Bishop Monkton and Knaresborough, where I departed for home, leaving the other three to head up Knaresborough Hill and home About 40 miles.  James G

Wanderers Ride

This was billed as a hilly ride and it never failed to please on that front. We had great views all the way round and hardly any cars. It was a  perfect day for cycling but I’m glad I put something warmer on today. 11 of us left the show ground, properly spaced of course. Just at the bottom of the first big hill, Brackenthwaite Lane, we were joined by Paul B. Then came the climb up to North Rigton followed by the photo stop at Almscliffe Crag. No sooner had we enjoyed the hill down to Leathley than we were off up again – to Lindley and then onto the gated road. Then we were into Jack Hill Lane – always good for cycling but much easier the other way round. That was a tough one but we had time for another photo stop overlooking Swinsty reservoir which we cycled past on our next downhill run. Fewston Farm Shop for lunch. The route was scheduled to go along Menwith Hill Road but that is very definitely closed so we went down Day Lane (yet another glorious downhill) and through Darley to Birstwith, Clint Bank and back to Hornbeam via the Greenway.

Thanks everyone for a great day out with lovely people. 44.5 miles and I made it 3573 ft of climbing – it felt like it but my Garmin tends to exaggerate. Steve W

Medium Plus Brisk

Another day when the weather did not match the forecast & it stayed cool and 100% cloudy for the ride. Up past Fountains, then Grantley & Dallowgill for some fabulous panoramas before coming down to Wath & a café stop at How Stean for the 13 riders in two groups. A chilly ride back along to Pateley before a standard return via Glasshouses, Birstwith & Ripley. 55 miles. Tall Tim.

Short Ride

After the warm sunshine of late, it was a much cooler morning as we gathered at the Showground. Just a small group comprising of Nicola, Martin and Dennis opted to join me for the short ride to Briscoe Ridge and Leathley. We made our way to the top of Brackenthwaite Lane and onwards to Braythorn for a photo stop. Afterwards Dennis left us to make sure he was home for lunch. Onwards to Leathley and the farm shop, where the service is quick and efficient. The main road was extremely busy today and Martin suggested we do the loop to the main road via Castley. A good decision and a better way to access the turn to Armscliffe Crag, After the crag we were well entertained watching someone skilfully flying their model plane. Then it was home via Burn Bridge. It was a nice, scenic ride in good company.

About 24 miles