Short Ride

Six people for the short gentle ride today (Paul, Steph, Liz, Jill, Sue and Bob). It was Paul and Steph’s first ride with WheelEasy and there was much interest in their Brompton bikes (which they seemed to unfold with a simple flick of the wrist). Sue kindly offered to back mark and with her bright blue coat, it made my job easy. We cruised through Knaresborough to Little Ribston, Kirk Deighton and then to Wetherby. We stopped at The Gourmet in Wetherby for coffee and cakes and yet more questions for Paul and Steph about their bikes (we were rewarded with photos of the bikes neatly loaded with full camping gear). Leaving Wethereby Liz had a minor mechanical which was soon fixed. After Sicklinghall we stopped at the viewpoint to see how many landmarks we could spot and appreciate how lucky we are to live in Yorkshire. It was then straight on to Kirby Overblow and Burnbridge. We said our goodbyes at Leadhall Lane and hope that Paul and Steph will join a WheelEasy ride again. 22 miles and 1,100 feet of climbing. Thank you all for your good company. Colette.

Medium Plus Steady Ride

Jills Hills, the ride that has everything, challenging climbs, challenging descents and wonderful scenery.Seven of us took on the ride today, Helen and Doug,two Peters, Mike, John and myself.Some confusion in the early stages as the ride description didn’t seem to match the downloaded course file.We went with the description and our combined memory of the ride! Good progress made to Leathley and Otley and up past the school to the Langbar road.The road from Langbar to Beamsley had been resurfaced and wasn’t recommended,we did a quick inspection and decided to go down very carefully,all down safely and on to Ilkley and La Stazionne cafe, great staff and quick service.We returned via Ben Rhydding to Asquith where John and Peter left us to take the Timble route home.The remaining five came back via Otley,Castley,Dunkeswick and Kirkby Overblow.Great company today,lots of laughs, thanks to everyone.About 54 miles and 4000ft, Steve B.

Medium Plus Brisk Ride

It was a cooler day today compared with the roasting heat of the last few days but nothing that a quick romp up to Little Almsciffe couldn’t fix. Down to the reservoirs, up past Timble, down again to Askwith before getting part way up to Langbar. News of the north side of the road having been recently “gritted” resulted in 4 riders (Julie, Zoë, Vince & T3) taking the road upwards whilst Mark C., Mark O, Helen, Denis, Rachel & Janet opted to go straight down to Ilkley for refreshments. Reunited over tea & cake the riders came back “the hilly way” past Farnley & Rigton. 48 miles. Tall Tim.

Medium Brisk Ride

Three cyclists voted for the Medium Brisk ride on Sunday, 28 May. Gordon, Matthew, and Navah headed out from the showgrounds for a ride initially reminiscent of the week’s before, through Knaresborough and Farnham the same way and then switching to reversing the previous Sunday’s route from Ripon. It was a bit cloudier and cooler, but still lovely to spin through the gently rolling countryside. The trio each kept to her or his own pace with occasional regroupings. Through Ripon, and then the gentle rolling switched to hills and the day’s climbing began (which wasn’t nearly as bad as anyone had feared). A stop at Sophie’s for tea, coffee, bakewell tart, sausage and egg sandwich, and poached eggs on toast refreshed all for the last bit back to Harrogate. In the end, about 34 miles and 2,250 feet of climbing in 2:32 hours of moving time! – Navah L.