Wednesday Wanderers Ride

13 riders gathered on this bright and breezy morning ready to take on the tour to Almscliffe Crag and then Wetherby. Once the speedy group had departed, leader Mike teamed up with the 6 ladies in the slightly slower group and off we went.

After the Brackenthwaite and Rigton climbs we were richly rewarded with views across from The Crag. Apart from losing Sally and Diane somewhere between Netherby and Clap Gate all went well, and we were pleased to find the two ladies sitting comfortably in a Wetherby cafe chatting to the other Wanderers group.

All refreshed after a splendid ride it was time to return home with  some wind assistance.

Thanks to all for great company, Mike P

Wednesday Ride

Six opted for the ride this week and we split nicely into two groups with Yvonne, Gordon and Tim2 making up the fast group and Gia, Paul and myself ambling along behind. Ripley saw some dis-robing as the sun came out after a cool start, but then it was reversed later as the temperature dropped again and the wind picked up. Ripley, Fountains Way and Careless House Lane took us to Brimham where we  spent a few minutes with a couple whose car had broken down. As there were two cars parked we assumed that the 1920’s vintage two seater AC saloon (see photo) was the one in need of assistance, but it transpired that was an incorrect assumption and it was the somewhat more unto date  Range Rover parked alongside that was the culprit! With wind behind we then flew down to Sawley and decided against G & T’s and pressed on to Tate’s for coffee. As it happened this was the wrong decision as it was busy and only outside seating was available! However Yvonne, Gordon and Tim opted to stay and did manage to get a seat inside, whilst Gia, Paul and I moved on to Olivers where we managed a table by the window for Paul to keep an eye on his bike. Afterwards Paul left us to return through the Deer Park and Gia and I returned against an increasingly strong headwind and a bit of rain through to Knaresborough and home. A good morning out at just under 40 miles and a bit of climbing – 2339 feet. Thanks to everyone for your company and to Yvonne for the photos.   James G

Short Ride

“5 of us for the short ride, including Paul B on his non-electric Spa Audax and Caroline, who was not planning to ride the whole route to Brimham and back. We set a gentle pace through town and along the Greenway to Bilton Lane, where, to our surprise, Dennis was waiting for us. It was his second ride out this year. The weather improved as we proceeded towards Ripley and Hollybank Woods and there was some hazy sunshine. Up Clint Bank Lane and then right towards the Pateley Bridge road and Shaw Mills. Caroline left us at this point and we turned left to Burnt Yates and then right towards Brimham. We had a bit of a following wind at that point, which helped with the climb. Past the entrance to the rocks and then right towards Warsill, from which point it was pretty much downhill all the way. However, we now had something of a headwind, and we got quite cold going downhill towards Ripley, where Dennis left us and we had coffee in Grindhus. After a fairly lengthy stop, discussing a wide range of subjects, we emerged to find it raining and cold, so we pedalled quite rapidly back to Harrogate to try to warm up. In doing so, we lost Sarah (but we subsequently learnt that she had got home safely on her own).”     CPS