Short – Gentle Ride

Despite the cold and damp conditions seven riders decided to join Helen and I on a Markington loop. We headed for Knaresborough via Low Bridge and up to Farnham where Denis showed us a ‘clean pair of heels’ up the incline. Turning left at Bishop Monkton we met the hills. Bravo to Paul for making it up Markington hill, following encouragement and coaching from Helen. Coffee stop was at Ripley where Denis left us for home to receive his gold star from his wife for getting home before 12 noon. The heavens opened with the forecast downpour but we were snug inside the cafe. Helen left us for home with the remaining riders cycling the Greenway which was empty of people but full of slippery leaves. Thank you all for your company and well done to those in the group who were returning after a break. 25 miles Janet G

Wednesday Ride

We chose a route to Leathley Farm shop and aimed to get in a few miles before coffee, Tim, Colette, Sarah and Yvonne on time limits went directly, the rest of us picked up Stuart and John at Burn Bridge and took in a few lanes around Kirkby Overblow before resuming the route to Dunkeswick and Castley where we enjoyed the closed road for no traffic but not the mud.
Arriving at the cafe we perplexed the waitress with our random choice of seating arrangements, desire for something “cooked” i.e. toasted tea cakes or toast, but in the end enjoyed excellent coffee and company including Martin who “ran” to meet us.
Kevin, Monica, James, Drew, Tony, Stuart and John R returned via Huby and Almscliff Crag, John C, Paul and I took the Leathley, Lindley, gated road, Norwood Beckwithshaw route meeting two Wanderers at Whinney Lane. So a good ride, we got something of a soaking but then home in the dry and about 35 miles. Always good to do a ride in a different direction to normal and hope that our techie on our ride will be able to add it to the ride routes. Gia

Wanderers’ Ride

A cracking ride though I say it myself. Lots of fun and great people to share a ride with, thank you.

17 riders turned up today for a mystery Wanderers Ride. Somehow my email with the route on did not get through to Calendar so no-one knew where we were going. Thank you for your faith in my route planning.  I led a group of 8 and Mike and Colin led the other 9 using routes I had sent them.  I think I may have disconnected my brain when I planned the route. We went up all my favourite downhill roads – Scarah Bank, Careless House Lane (towards Brimham Rocks) and Day Lane (up to the Listening Station).  That was compensated by a wonderful ride down Stripe Lane. We had all been up it many times but hardly anyone had been down it.

We all had a good soaking between the Listening Station and Fewston Farm Shop which was welcoming as usual. No photos were taken because of the cold and wet – we just didn’t look our best! Shortly afterwards Liz P, Alison and Bridget left us early for warm baths or similar.  Then we headed to Kettlesing Bottom where it soon dried up. Then a nice climb recommended by Mike Smith up to Clapham Green and down into Hampsthwaite, This was followed by a quick hop (????) up Clint Bank Lane and back along the Greenway.

37.7 miles with a climb of 817 metres/ 2680 feet.  Steve W

Wednesday Ride – Breakaway Group

 For a variety of reasons, four cyclists (Yvonne, Tim 2, Sarah and Colette) decided to do a slightly shorter version of the Wednesday Ride.  Despite the cold conditions we seemed to get to Pool Bridge Farm in a flash (despite stopping to admire the stunning view – see photos). At the café, we were greeted by Martin W. who had gone for a run rather than a ride. After scoffing a delicious brunch, we headed back out in to the cold but luckily, we had the hills of Leathley and Stainburn to warm us up.

Unfortunately, as we were climbing two abreast up Leathley Lane, a cyclist came zooming around the corner straight towards us resulting in one of us taking a tumble. Once the cyclist and bike were disentangled and checked for damage, we continued cautiously.  In the last few minutes of the ride Tony and his friend, Drew, caught up with us having done the longer ride – and very briefly we were a group of 6.

29 miles for me, in excellent company – thank you all. Colette