If you volunteered to lead one or more rides this year, then thank you! We hope you will do so again using the button below.

If you ride regularly and have not yet led a ride, then why not have a go this year? I guarantee you’ll enjoy it. Supporting other Wheel Easy members by leading even just one ride would be a great help and enable us to continue to offer a full range of rides for all abilities and experience as well as being a great opportunity for you to contribute to the continuing success of the club.

The easiest way to find out what it’s like before volunteering is to ask any ride leader – I’m certain you’ll get a positive response. Once you volunteer, if you need help before leading a ride, training is available and there are plenty of other people who can assist. I hope that you will agree that leading at least one ride a year is not too much to ask.

To find out more and volunteer simply use the button below and complete the very short form.

PLEASE COMPLETE THE FORM BY FRIDAY 10 NOVEMBER to allow time to produce the programme before the New Year.

Many thanks,

On behalf of your committee.