Short Ride

Six riders joined Chris and me on a short ride. We left the showground  pausing to regroup at Low bridge where Dennis joined us. The weather was fine on our way to Arkendale, via Scriven, Lingerfield, Farnham and Staveley, only occasionally was the wind a challenge. Dennis left us at Arkendale as we went on to the cafe at Rabbit Hill. At the cafe we were rewarded with some generous portions of food. The return part of the ride was more challenging much of it being into a headwind, the group split at High Bridge some taking the Beryl Burton way to go towards Bilton and others Knaresborough Hill.

A very enjoyable ride with great company. About 23 miles. Chris

Wanderers Ride

Initially 10 takers for the Wanderers on this sunny but windy day. The wind gave us pause, and Alison N and two others went to Kettlesing. The rest of us considered whether we too should opt for Kettlesing instead of the published route to Wood Hall and Linton, but 7 of us settled on the original route. Colin kindly agreed to back mark, and we set off towards Burn Bridge and Walton Head Lane. The wind was a little unnerving, but tolerable, and the sunshine was lovely. Group photo at Wood Hall Hotel and then down into Linton and Collingham and up Jewitt Lane into something of a headwind. I was very glad of my power assistance, but the non-electric members of the group made light work of the hill. We had a strong following wind towards Bramham before we turned north towards Wetherby. Refreshment in North Street Deli, which was very good and speedy, and then back via Kirk Deighton, where Colin and Derek left us, to Spofforth and Follifoot.

About 32 miles.

Wednesday Ride

There was no route listed for the Wednesday riders today so Yvonne, Sarah, Colette, Marc, Charlie, Steve and Tim decided to ride to Fountains and make the rest up from there. Conditions were windy but otherwise perfect for riding and in short order we were at the Visitor Centre for elevenses. Whilst tucking into our refreshments a healthy looking Liz F joined us and up-dated on her recovery. After wishing Liz well it was still early so we agreed on a longer ride back through Ripon, (where Marc and Charlie peeled off) and Boroughbridge. At Minskip we turned into a strong headwind so we all tucked in behind Steve who set a steady pace to the top of Knaresborough hill. Nice to be out in good company and glorious sunshine. About 40 miles and 2400 ft of climbing for me. Tim 2.