Medium Ride

The weather forecast for Route 148 promised an improving picture as the day wore on. Perhaps it was the early hour of the day (resulting from the clock’s changing) but after the climb up Scarah Bank, jackets were being added to combat a nagging North East Wind. Out towards Sawley & in the shelter & we realised that temperatures were on the up. Good service at G&Ts with the staff contending with 3 groups that all arrived at different times leading to 20 or more Wheel Easy members in synchronised harmony at the café. And then back home via Brimham (with the sighting of a hare), Stripe Lane & Birstwith before splitting to go our different ways. 32 miles. Tall Tim

Medium Plus

The clouds never really lifted off the horizon today but nevertheless we still had a jolly good ride out today. Six of us (Peter J, Peter L, Tim 2, Yvonne, Liz & David R.) opted for the advertised Route 122 yet a pattern of déviations had begun when we missed out Littlethorpe, skirted around Ripon and reached Tates pretty quickly where we decided it was just way too early to take a pause-café! So onwards (and upwards!) to Galphay and High Grantley where the siren call of a hot pot of tea beckoned us off piste again to G&Ts at Risplith where we met the rest of the Wheel Easy Rides ! Our next déviation was to Sawley, turning up lovely Sawley Moor Lane on to the B6265. Back on course again we climbed up Brimham Rocks Road and swooped down into Burnt Yates where Peter L turned left to Shaw Mills. The rest of us turned right to Clint and along Hollybank where we picked up Martin W. on our way to Ripley, the Greenway and home. Thanks to all for company on a ride of about 45 miles and 2,775 ft. Yvonne D.